Balancing Motherhood, Wanderlust & a Startup Career

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    For Bay Area-based Timadge Berkhadley, life is all about balance. And thanks to Fora, Timadge has been able to achieve the ultimate balancing act, making a shift from her full-time career in startups to pursuing her passion for travel.

    It was Fora’s engaged community — coupled with its flexible offerings and supportive framework — that set the stage and let Timadge shine (along with plenty of hard work on her part, might we add!). Read on for Timadge’s story, and how Fora sets advisors like Timadge up for success. 

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    A pivotal career crossroads

    Based in the Bay Area, Timadge Berkhadley is a mother of three who, before joining Fora, worked in the startup sector for companies like Chime and Figma. Despite enjoying her previous work — implementing employee-experience strategies and overseeing office construction projects — Timadge was looking for a deeper sense of fulfillment. 

    “Before I found Fora, I was at a crossroads. I had not been without a job since highschool. Seeking something new at this stage in my career felt uncertain,” said Timadge.

    In December of 2022, Timadge made the decision to step away from her full-time job and take a break for six months. It was during this time she found Fora, and the rest is history. 

    Taking the plunge

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    Timadge’s innate passion for travel and love for planning trips for family and friends — not to mention her operational skills and entrepreneurial experience from her startup career — set the stage for her to transition into travel advising. She now works as a travel advisor part time while consulting for tech companies, supporting them on their real estate strategies and expansion.

    “Fora was an opportunity that provided the flexibility and freedom to balance my family responsibilities with work,” Timadge said. “Fora appealed to me because it offered a chance to explore my passion for travel while still being present for my children and other personal projects.” 

    (Read more about why Fora advising is one of the best jobs for moms.)

    Discovering Fora’s community

    Fora Advisors at Live Forum 2023

    Fora Advisors at Live Forum 2023

    For Timadge, what tipped the scale was Fora’s supportive community.

    One community experience stands out for Timadge. Early on, during Fora’s advisor office hours — wherein advisors can consult HQ staff for booking intel and advice — Timadge encountered a challenging request for an all-inclusive Caribbean villa for a family of nine within specific budget constraints. Collaborating with fellow advisors, they brainstormed solutions, which led to her largest booking at that time. 

    “The community played a pivotal role, and without it, I might have spent hours without much progress,” said Timadge. “The community offers immense value in helping me navigate challenges and achieving successful outcomes.” (Read more about how Fora fosters connection through Forum, our all-in-one community app.)

    Fora’s global network was not only a factor in Timadge’s decision to join Fora, but a catalyst for her growth. 

    “I love how incredibly diverse the community is,” Timadge explained. “We come from so many different backgrounds and industries with varied experiences and perspectives. There's a sense of community and camaraderie.”

    And when it comes to planning trips? Fora Advisors unlock a treasure trove of shared knowledge within the Fora community. This knowledge base proved invaluable for Timadge: accessing these insights, resources and connections not only streamlined her travel-planning process, but fostered confidence in her abilities.

    “The wealth of knowledge generously shared within this community has been truly invaluable,” Timadge said. “Not only has it saved me considerable time, but it has also leveraged connections to our partners, allowing me to craft unforgettable memories for my clients,” Timadge echoed.

    Crushing milestones

    Timadge's first booked trip was a girls' getaway to Cancún. This year, she is entering Fora X, a new boutique, luxury agency within the company for its highest earners. We love to see it.

    We love Timadge’s story, because it’s about the transformative power of Fora’s community. Our company was founded to empower career changers like Timadge, to pursue their passions, build a thriving business and balance personal responsibilities.

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