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"The Fora community is the best support system; you are not alone."

Advisor - Timadge Berkhadley

Fora Advisor

Timadge Berkhadley

A full-time mom who loves travel

“The community played a pivotal role, and without it, I might have spent hours without much progress,” said Timadge. “The community offers immense value in helping me navigate challenges and achieving successful outcomes.”

Fora’s global network was not only a factor in Timadge’s decision to join Fora, but a catalyst for her growth. 

“I love how incredibly diverse the community is,” Timadge explained. “We come from so many different backgrounds and industries with varied experiences and perspectives. There's a sense of community and camaraderie.”

Fora - "The Fora community is the best support system; you are not alone."

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