7 Days of Summer in Seattle and Vancouver

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Advisor - Rollo Reese
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Cityscape Photo of The Space Needle Observation Tower in Seattle, Washington
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I love the Pacific Northwest, where lush green landscapes, cool temperatures and emerald beauty await. If you are hungry this region has some of the freshest seafood and natural beauty. In this Seattle and Vancouver travel guide, I’ll take you on an itinerary that combines the best of these two emerald cities, with an added bonus of a day trip to Victoria Island. Whether you have five-to-seven days to spare or want to pack it all into a shorter timeframe, this itinerary will take you on a journey filled with city sights, views, nature and mouthwatering cuisine. So, grab your coffee, embrace the misty weather and let's explore the dynamic blend of urban charm and natural beauty that Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria have to offer. Let’s get rolling!

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Where to stay in Seattle and Vancouver

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Things to do in Seattle and Vancouver

A man on a bridge in the forest


Seattle to me is an urban city with nature vibes all around, unique attractions, tasty seafood and good people; it just feels fresh! Here's a suggested itinerary for your three days in Seattle:

Visit the Space Needle: Start your trip by ascending the Space Needle for panoramic views of the city. Enjoy a cup of coffee at the top and capture memorable photos.

Explore the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP): If you're a music and pop culture enthusiast, don't miss this. Discover its historic and nostalgic exhibits and as you flashback into the history of music and entertainment.

Experience Amazon Spheres: Take a tour of the Amazon campus and explore the conservation efforts showcased in the Spheres. Even if you're not an environmentalist, the unique structure and design are worth appreciating.

Enjoy Kerry Park: Take a leisurely walk to Kerry Park and be rewarded with a gourgeous view of the Seattle skyline. Relax in the park while savoring delicious ice cream from Molly Moon's.

Stroll through the Sculpture Park: If you have time for a walk stroll along the waterfront at the Sculpture Park. If you want a peaceful walk in the morning or mid day this is your place.

Relax at Seattle Japanese Gardens: Experience tranquility at the Seattle Japanese Gardens. These beautifully maintained gardens offer a calm escape from the city.

Chihuly Gardens: Stunning glass sculptures at Chihuly Gardens. These unique artworks are displayed throughout the gardens and provide a pretty cool experience of what glass sculptures can be all hidden in plain sight.

Elliotts Oyster House: Treat yourself at Elliott’s this is where you splurge a little. Enjoy King Crab, oysters and other delectable seafood dishes that showcase the region's culinary excellence.

Take a harbor cruise: Your Seattle trip can’t end without a relaxing harbor cruise. Enjoy the views of the city from the water and unwind before your next adventure.

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Day Trip: Victoria on Vancouver Island

Take a day trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island to explore its charming sights:

Wander around the Victoria Harbor: Begin your day by strolling along the picturesque Victoria Harbor. Check out the Empress Hotel and its beautiful surroundings.

Explore Government Street and Fan Tan Alley: Walk down Government Street and explore the vibrant Fan Tan Alley in Chinatown. Explore unique shops and eateries.

Visit Bastion Square: Take some time to explore Bastion Square, known for its historic charm. Enjoy the atmosphere and perhaps catch a live performance or browse through the local shops.

Buschart Gardens: Take a bus or join a tour to visit the cool looking Butchart Gardens. Spend half the day amongst the beauty of these manicured gardens and enjoy the floral displays.

Head back but now towards Vancouver: Go to Vancouver via ferry in the evening, ready for the next leg of your journey.


Vancouver offers a mix of outdoor adventures and urban attractions. Here’s some of my favorite attractions for your three days in Vancouver:

Discover Stanley Park: Explore the vast Stanley Park, which offers lush greenery and beautiful views. Rent a bike and cycle through the park, taking in the coastal scenery and enjoying the various activities available.

Cross into the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: Just about 15 minutes outside Vancouver to experience the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Connects you to a network of bridges and treetop walkways, feels like a tree house offering a unique perspective of the forest.

Take in the views at Grouse Mountain: Visit Grouse Mountain for stunning views of the harbor and skyline. Take the cable car to the summit and enjoy Instagram-worthy views of the surrounding area and the Vancouver Skyline

Explore Gastown: Wander through Gastown, where Vancouver's history began. Discover trendy restaurants, boutique shops, and don't miss the steam-powered Gastown Clock.

Visit Granville Island: Be a tourist at Granville Island Market and neighborhood. Enjoy art displays, sample delicious food and try craft beers. There are also activities for kids, making it a fun place for the whole family and all tourist.

Check out Canada Place: Explore Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. Visit exhibits like the FlyOver Canada simulation, learn about the port and check out any ongoing events or festivals.

Places to eat & drink in Seattle and Vancouver

rainy day on a shopping streey


Explore Pike Place Market: Visit the iconic Pike Place Market, try the clam chowder and other seafood. Don't forget to grab a coffee the original Starbucks in here.

Relax in the park while savoring delicious ice cream from Molly Moon's.

Hello Robin Cookies for some tasty cookies make sure you get them with ice cream .

Elliotts Oyster House: Treat yourself at Elliott’s this is where you splurge a little. Enjoy King Crab, oysters and other delectable seafood dishes that showcase the region's culinary excellence.


Tasty Pork Buns at Bao Bei.

Granville Public Market: Snack on the smoked meats cheeses deserts and food. A taste for all tourist!

Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant for Dim Sum.

Need to Know

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Advisor - Rollo Reese

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