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Creating something. Always working on a project be it my podcast, next book and mostly the next trip. I can’t turn my mind off. Like my name, I’m always rolling along to my next adventure!

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I'm definitely a binge traveler and always on the move. I love packing my itinerary and seeing everything at lightning speed. I can do in just seven to 10 days what most people do in two weeks, covering multiple countries or cities. But don't worry, I'm not just rushing through everything without taking it in. I love to slow down and soak up the local history and culture. Even with my fast pace, I always make time to relax in a cozy hotel or check out a cool site. I've been fortunate enough to explore over 35 countries and three times as many cities. I've traveled internationally for a continuous three year stretch across Europe, Asia and South America. I'm a big fan of adventure and city trips and always on the hunt for those unique hidden gems on the outskirts of a city, which always gives me a unique story to share. To be honest, my constant travel may be because I moved around a lot as a kid. I'm always subconsciously looking for my own home. But I love all aspects of travel, so I don't mind one bit. Although I've revisited some countries and cities, I'm always planning my next adventure to a new and exciting place. I'm all about exploring new areas and trying new things.

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Friendly and professional! Rollo checked in on us throughout the trip and provided lots of suggestions for dining out and things to do in Chicago. I will contact Rollo again for any future travel needs.

This hotel location had everything relatively close for shopping, having dinner and venturing to neighboring towns. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful. I was acknowledged as a rewards member and we loved the free breakfast. A great place to stay!

Rollo did a excellent job! He found exactly what I wanted and stayed within the budget I wanted. He also arranged for a birthday surprise for my daughter! She was so happy to see her treat waiting for her when we arrived at our room. We got so much more than what I asked for and he made it an easy stay for me and my two kids. He checked in a couple of times during our trip to make sure everything was going ok and even created a family friendly itinerary. I have never used an advisor before and I will never book my own rooms/trips ever again. Thanks Rollo!

Rollo was extremely helpful with coordinating our hotel stay and car rental. He kept me free of stress when planning this trip. Rollo ensured that I had everything a week before the trip. I appreciate all that Rollo did to make this a fun and no stress trip!

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Advisor - Rollo Reese

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Rollo Reese