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Advisor - Simone R. Tohl
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Curator’s statement

The South Of France is a divine destination thanks to its picturesque landscapes, including the stunning French Riviera with its azure waters and glamorous coastal towns. Its rich culinary heritage, with delectable dishes like ratatouille and bouillabaisse, makes it a paradise for food lovers. The regions charming medieval villages, vibrant markets and warm Mediterranean climate create an enchanting and unforgettable travel experience.

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Where to stay in the French Riviera

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Things to do in the French Riviera

A small pool with lounging chairs.

Bike through the countryside or hop on a yacht and see the South of France while still relaxing.

Or, imagine having a culinary wizard at your disposal, conjuring up flavors that dance on your taste buds like a carnival.

Food tours in France are like Wily Wonka's factory tours but for grown-ups who crave wine, cheese and baguette instead of candy. Join one and unlock the secrets of Provence's tastiest treasures.

The lavender fields in France is one of nature's masterpiece. A panoramic scene of calming hues and the gentle rustling of lavender swaying in the breeze makes you feel like you've walked into a dream.

Also be sure to explore; Citadele, Musée de l'Annanonciade and of course indulge in some shopping.

Places to eat & drink in the French Riviera

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La Petite Plage, Saint-Tropez - Located on the picturesque French Rivera, this chic restaurant should be on your must experience list. It has an undeniable charm along with panoramic views of the azure Mediterranean sea. The restaurants architecture features traditional Mediterranean elements such as whitewashed walls, wicker, terracotta tiles, vibrant bougainvillea that surrounds you, giving a plush and colorful environment. The beauty extends beyond the esthetics with a menu filled with delectable Mediterranean and Provencal dishes with top notch service and endless tasty treats! Le Café is an iconic café that offers a prime spot for people-watching and savoring French cuisine while enjoying the views.

La Colombe d'Or is where you can dine in a historic setting surrounded by art from famous artists like Picasso and Matisse, and savor Provençal dishes in this charming restaurant. Le Club 55 is a legendary beachfront restaurant which is known for its relaxed atmosphere and Mediterranean seafood, making it a must-visit spot. Les Deux Garçons is historic café has been frequented by famous figures like Cézanne and Hemingway that located in a cultural hotspot. Le Jardin Secret is located in the perfume capital of the world, this restaurant offers a fragrant garden setting and serves Provençal cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients.

Chez Clovis delivers and incredible dining experiences through a combination of several factors; it's spectacular location, its fresh/local ingredients, creative culinary expertise, the extensive wine selection and their impeccable service. Nestled in the heart of St. Tropez, offering stunning unforgettable views as a backdrop for your meal. The restaurant prides itself on resourcing the freshest ingredients from the region (especially seafood which is caught on the daily) ensure the highest quality of flavor in every dish. Chex Clovis boasts a team of skilled chefs who masterfully blend traditional Provencal and Mediterranean flavors with innovative techniques, resulting in dishes that are both exciting and comforting.

Need to Know

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Advisor - Simone R. Tohl

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