Things To Do On Capri

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Capri coast, rock formations and boats.
Curator’s statement

Capri is special to me for its a place that just calms me, yet offers so much to do and enjoy. Capri is always a must for my family when in the Campania region. We used to only take a day trip for a quick visit, but now we stay on the island and enjoy for 3 to 7 days. I love the people there. They are kind and helpful. And you just cannot beat the views from Capri.

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Things to do in Capri

Capri port featuring traditional buildings and boats.

The Isle of Capri off the Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to. I have visited a handful of times and everytime I find something new. The island has two parts to it: Capri and Anacapri. They use to say that the Capri side was were the tourists are and Anacapri was more of the locals. I wouldn’t say that is so true for today.

Whether you are staying on the island or staying on the mainland and boating over, here is my list of favorite things to do on Capri. I recommend staying 2 or 3 days, as to not rush the experience.

Let’s start with Anacapri

You will be dropped off in the center of Anacapri, where you will find many shops, cafes and charming car free lanes to stroll through.

Monte Solaro

I would suggest to start here, it is located off to the right of the center you will more likely be dropped off. You will need to pay a small fee to enjoy a chairlift up to the highest point of Anacapri. Keep your eyes open and enjoy the view, wave to people taking the lift back down and don’t forget to look down at the local residences and gardens. After hopping of the chairlift with the help of possibly who usually is there Vincenzo and thanking them for their helping hand. Walk and enjoy the spectacular views, get your cameras ready! From the top of Monte Solaro you can see all around the island.

There are restrooms and a seasonal cafe to purchase a beverage/cocktail/snacks and grab a table and just revel in the beauty. Now you can either choose to walk the trail down, I recommend only if you have suitable shoes on, or return to the chairlift area and take another breathtaking ride down to center of Anacapri.

Villa San Michele

One of Capri’s most popular attractions. It is always on my to do list when on Capri. The museum and gardens are most definitely worth seeing. The Villa was a residence of a Swedish doctor, Axel Munthe, who built it to enjoy the air, water and light, sort of like a temple. The gardens are award-winning and views of the Gulf of Naples are amazing. There is a small church on the premise that may be entered and a rooftop cafe with tables out in the open air to sip a beverage and just take it all in.

Blue Grotto

I will place this here only for the fact that it is technically in Anacapri. You can hire a private boat tour for a specific time frame around the island, just make sure that the Blue Grotto is included. An extra fee might be necessary to board the boats that actually go into the Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is very popular and can also be accessed by taking a Blue Grotto tour boat from the Marina. Entrance into the Blue Grotto depends on the day and conditions of the water.

If you are looking for a less populated Grotto to swim into and enjoy in a more personal way ask about the Green Grotto, where a private boat will take you around the island, seeing the island from the water, a light lunch and beverages can be supplied and you can dive off and swim by yourself in the Green Grotto.

Piazza Umberto

Returning to Capri may be done in three ways, let's say, local bus, taxi (I enjoy the convertible taxis to catch the breeze in my face) or if you feel adventurous, take the Phoenician Stairs back down to Capri. Depending on which way you decide to go after you get down off the stairs you can either end up down in the Marina where you arrived or in Piazza Umberto, where right behind the exit of the funicolare (which you can use to take you down to the Port or vice versa) there is Bar Funicolare where we always sit and have a vino and yes sometimes also a limoncello, olives and nuts and just chill and enjoy the views, people watch and watch the local children play.

Via Krupp

Now unfortunately, I haven’t been able to walk this famous winding road along the coastline of Capri, due to it being closed every time I was there but I will enjoy this walk one day soon hopefully. Always try to check to see if the roadway is open before arrival if this is an attraction you want to do so as to not be disappointed.

Giardini di Augosto

Located right before the start of Via Krupp, is a beautiful peaceful park open to the public to relax, take in the views from the Capri Overlook.

Villa Jovis

On our last visit to Capri, I talked one of my brothers to venture out with myself and my six year old to see Villa Jovis. It is a walk, that is for sure, but we stopped at a local small restaurant/cafe which really seemed to be his residence and had a beverage and a pizza topped with herbs and tomatoes from his own garden that was located right next to our table. After a refuel, we began walking again, passing locals and looking at houses on the small paths/roadways we were strolling. We finally reached the Villa and enjoyed all the views and exploring the architectural remains of the Villa or Emperor Tiberius and the walk down is more enjoyable.

Pizzolungo Path to the Natural Arch

My family and I while pushing my daughter in the stroller, went and got lost among the streets of Capri. We saw signs for the Natural Arch which we followed and led us to this terrace and small cafe where we took a much needed break and then saw a trail down to the Natural Arch. The trail continued but we had to start heading back. As we sat on the terrace we saw another trail off to our right and decided to take an adventure. The worker of the cafe was saying NO NO not with the bambina,but being the adventurous souls we are we waved thank you but we’re trying it and I strapped my daughter to my chest and folded the stroller up, which my brothers took turns carrying down this trail through the woods. We came upon a small cave to take a break and continued. We had no clue where we were going but we were having a ball. My siste- in-law and I still talk about it. We kept walking and finally came to the end out by a restaurant we once ate at and knew exactly where we were.

The views were amazing both along the coast and while in the woods and the memories will last us forever. We will definitely walk this again and hopefully continue down around the Natural Arch and see where that side take us.

Day Trips:

If staying on Capri for awhile and haven't seen the mainland as of yet, take a boat to Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello or Naples.

Places to eat & drink in Capri

Caprese salad with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil.

Bar Funicolare - Snack with a view with sandwiches, pizza, salads and beverages/cocktails.

Cafe Casa Oliv - Snack/Lunch with a rooftop view of Villa San Michele.

Pane and Champagne - Small place but excellent food and desserts for lunch.

Le Camerelle - Lunch/Dinner with rooftop and outside dining, many seafood dishes. I love the tiramisu here.

Lo Smeraldo - Fresh seafood with vino on a patio overlooking water

Aurora - Over 100 years old restaurant flaunting famous clientele and excellent foo. Would be a shame to miss it.

Gelato - is a hotspot for, well, Gelato!

Travel Advisor Natasha Jiovino standing on a hilltop with colorful houses and the sea in the distance.

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Natasha Jiovino

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