Food, Wine, Romance and Fado: A Portugal Honeymoon Guide

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Advisor - Hannah Giles
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View of a city from above during the daytime
Curator’s statement

Portugal is the perfect destination for wine, food, romance and Fado. To date, it's one of my husband and I's favorite destinations. The small European country has all the great qualities of Mediterranean Europe: delicious food and wine, warm climate, gorgeous landscapes, hospitable people and stone and terracotta architecture. But there's so much that makes Portugal unique, such as its unique past, multicultural influences and of course -- Fado music. All these reasons make it a wonderful honeymoon destination.

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Where to stay in Portugal

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Things to do in Portugal

A city street with a sign on a building reading "Fado"

Walking Tour in Porto: Walking tours are a wonderful way to get oriented to a new city. While they may not be the ultimate highlight of your trip, they elevate every experience afterwards (because of your appreciation and knowledge of a place).

Fado show in Porto: Fado is a music special to Portugal characterized by melancholy vibes, dark and candlelit pubs and cafes, beautiful singing, and Portuguese and traditional guitars. It is the ultimate romantic experience in Portugal. Even if you do not consider yourself a music-buff, fado may move you to tears.

Port house tour and tasting in Porto: Porto is home to port wine. A visit to Portugal is not complete without a tour of a traditional port house and a tasting. Most port houses are situated in the Vila Nova da Gaia neighborhood in Porto. There are numerous to choose from. I can help you select the best one!

Stay for at least two nights at a Quinta in the Douro Valley: The Douro Valley, just east of Porto is a must on a romantic Portugal honeymoon. There are many small, family run "quinta's" to choose from in the area. These Quintas are often small, intimate, family-owned and run farmhouses that have been re-purposed into beautiful, quaint accommodation. Often they produce their own wine and food. It's a quintessential honeymoon experience. Don't hesitate to reach out for some of my favorites!

Winery tour and wine tasting in the Douro Valley: When in the Douro Valley, you must do some winery tours and tastings. They are often very thorough and you will learn a lot. Not to mention, you get to sip on some of the most amazing wines.

Walking Tour in Lisbon: Again, start your time in Lisbon with a walking tour! This will help you get oriented to the city.

Sunrise in Belém: In my opinion, Belém is best seen at sunrise. Take the train, tram, or bus to Belém right before sunrise one morning. You get to experience a beautiful view near the Discoveries Monument or the Tower of Belém.

Pastéis de Belém: For the pasteil de nata: Pasteil de nata are custard-like pastries. You can find these all over Portugal (and now all over the world). But they first began in this one specific bakery: Pastéis de Belém. Plus, it's a great way to fuel up after a romantic sunrise in Belém.

Wander around Alfama: Alfama is a special neighborhood in Lisbon. It's probably one of the most well-known, and for a reason. Alfama was one of the only neighborhoods in Lisbon to survive the 1755 earthquake. This earthquake (which you will learn a lot more about during your walking tour) destroyed much of the city. But Alfama, remains and is to-this-day one of the most iconic places in the city. It oozes romance!

Food and Fado Tour: Especially for a honeymoon you must do a Food and Fado tour. This tour specifically, the Food and Fado Tour: An Evening Out in Mouraria and Alfama is top of my list. I can help you book it! It's worth EVERY penny. A local guide gives you a unique tour of the city, in the local's perspective of Fado. You will go around the city learning about Fado and seeing remnants of it's past and history (some of it dark and sad). During this time, you will eat local dishes at a few hidden gems. You will finish your evening at a local tavern with wine, dinner, new friends and a fado show.

Places to eat & drink in Portugal

An indoor restaurant with a view of a valley with a lake flowing through it

Ferreira Port House, Porto: A great place to do a port tour and tasting in Porto

Breakfast at Quinta de Sao Bernardo in the Douro Valley: Ideally, you're able to stay here a couple nights, but if not, you MUST come for their breakfast!

Wine tasting in the Douro Valley: There's an abundance to select from, but this is a must while on your romantic honeymoon in Portugal!

Indian food in Lisbon: This may seem like a strange recommendation. But because of it's colonial past, Lisbon has a unique food scene that you can't miss out on. There are multiple Indian restaurant around the city that are worth a visit. Specifically you should get a Goan (former Portuguese-occupied state in India) vindaloo.

Pasteil de Nata at Pasteis de Belém: Eat your weight of these delicious, traditional custard pastries.

Lisboa Tu e Eu restaurants 1 or 2: There are two locations of this locally-run tavern-style restaurant. The food and approachable and simple, a great lunch choice. But do go early to beat the wait as they don't take reservations. You will be more likely to get a seat at noon rather than 1 pm.

Porto Tonico: When in Portugal, you must order a Porto Tonico at some point. This is a mixture of Port with tonic water. It's becoming a popular drink -- especially with warm weather.

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