Travel Guide to Osaka, Japan

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Advisor - Sarah Garcia
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Sarah Garcia

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Castle in Osaka, Japan with tree in foreground
Curator’s statement

My mother-in-law was born in Tokyo. Her mother, Emiko Fujioka, raised her and her four other siblings in Tokyo before moving to the US. My husband has always shared many fond stories of his grandmother and how he would love to take me and our kids someday to the mother-land where his family was raised! While I have never personally traveled to Osaka, Japan, from what I have seen and heard it is such a beautiful and majestic place. Our children love their Japanese Heritage and this would be a dream destination for them!

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Where to stay in Osaka, Japan

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Things to do in Osaka, Japan

Castle in Osaka perched on hill with bridge in foreground

Osaka Castle: With Mt Fuji 301 km away, it makes for a beautiful photo op!

Super Nintendo World/Universal Studios Japan: First Mario theme park opened March 18th, 2021. My kids have been raving to go to this one!

Shitennoji: Buddhist temple.

Tsutenkaku: Famous for its neon lights, this landmark features an observation deck open to the public.

Minami (Namba): Long streets and underground passage ways with hundreds of shops offering clothes to electronics. Lots of restaurants, from fast to fine dining, of all cuisines. 

Umeda ski building: Architectural observation building for viewing the city.

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine: Beautifully landscaped gardens with many tall trees, bushes, colorful flowers, a small lake and a beautiful red, arched bridge which leads to a gated area where the Shinto shrines are located.

What to eat & drink in Osaka, Japan

Person preparing okonomiyaki on flat top in Osaka

The phrase kuidaore in Osaka literally translates “to eat until one falls over.” Here is what to order in Osaka when you are unfamiliar with the language. Trust me everything is delicious!

Takoyaki: fried bite-sized balls filled with octopus and other goodies drizzled with kansai sauce. Think of fried Mac and cheese!

Okonomiyaki: a cabbage pancake of sorts. You can typically pick your own protein and vegetables to add. Also referred to as a Japanese pizza!

Doteyaki: beef tendons slowly simmered in a miso-enriched soup broth served in either a clay pot or on skewers.

Hakozushi: boxed-shaped sushi or sushi pressed in a box. You can get the regular nigirizushi (like the hand rolled sushi in every shop in Tokyo) but while in Osaka try the Hakozushi or aka oshizushi. Try it at Yoshino Sushi.

Yakiniku: wagu beef also known in English as Korean style BBQ made with Japanese beef. Head over to the area of Tsurihashi, the home of many Yakiniku restaurants.

Advisor - Sarah Garcia

Travel Advisor

Sarah Garcia

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