A Caribbean Christmas in Grenada

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Advisor - Heather Budd
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Heather Budd

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portside city near a large mountain jutting out of the sea
Curator’s statement

As the holiday season approaches, many dream of a white Christmas, but we usually trade snowflakes for palm trees! We spent last Christmas on Grenada, the Spice Isle of the Caribbean. From the stunning beaches to the vibrant culture and traditions, our holiday in Grenada was a tropical paradise. We loved swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear water, trying out SNUBA at the underwater sculpture park, and taking day trips to St Georges and the Grand Etang National Park for hiking and waterfall swimming. The island feels truly unspoiled and so much less touristy than some of the other Caribbean islands we have been to. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Grenada to anyone that enjoys relaxing on beautiful beaches but wants the option to have a little adventure thrown into the mix.

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Where to stay in Grenada

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Things to do in Grenada

Swimming at Seven Sisters


Nestled within the lush heart of Grenada, the Grand Etang National Park is a treat for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and anyone looking to connect with the Caribbean's natural beauty. This protected area, located in the island's central highlands, offers a captivating blend of rainforests, volcanic landscapes, serene crater lakes, and abundant wildlife. You might get to meet some of the very curious Mona Monkeys, especially if you have some fruit!


Grenada's diverse habitats, including rainforests and coastal wetlands, offer a welcoming environment for a variety of bird species, such as the critically endangered Grenada Dove, which is the national bird. The island is also home to the rare Hook-billed Kite, an impressive raptor, and the vibrantly colored Lesser Antillean Tanager, making it a treasure trove for birdwatchers. Additionally, the coastal areas and mangroves provide opportunities to spot the distinctive Mangrove Cuckoo with its unique call.

St George

The capital city is charming and quite compact and easy to explore. I recommend climbing up to the historic Fort George with panoramic views of the city and the scenic Carenage, a picturesque horseshoe-shaped harbor. Wander through the bustling Market Square to discover local crafts and shop for spices, and visit the House of Chocolate to indulge in some cocoa tea or rich nutmeg ice cream.


Don't be afraid to try the small roadside cafes for authentic Grenadian cuisine and try local delicacies such as, oil down, black cake and nutmeg ice cream, and indulge in fresh seafood options like grilled lobster and fish in creole sauce. We really enjoyed the island's unique drinks like sorrel and ginger beer, and rum punches made with freshly pressed juices.


We stayed on Pink Gin Beach and it was incredibly beautiful, but Grenada has many beaches to choose from. One of the most popular is Grand Anse, which is close to St George and can get very busy. If you venture just a bit further, Morne Rouge is a beautiful alternative.


There are many waterfalls on Grenada and we visited Mount Carmel and then onto Seven Sisters. Both involve short hikes, but nothing too onerous. Swimming in the pools of Seven Sisters was truly magical as we practically had the whole place to ourselves. Annadale Falls and Concord Falls are also beautiful spots to explore.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

There are a wealth of snorkeling and scuba tour operators in Grenada, as there is excellent diving and snorkeling. We stayed at Sandals, so our snorkeling and scuba were included in our stay. One of the highlights of our trip was trying SNUBA at the Underwater Sculpture Park. It was amazing to get the experience of diving without worrying about certification or prior diving experience.


Grand Etang National Park offers an array of well-maintained trails that cater to hikers of all levels. Whether you're a novice or an experienced trekker, there's a path that suits your preferences. Popular trails include the Morne LaBaye Trail, Seven Sisters Waterfalls Trail, and the Grand Etang Forest Reserve.

Day Trips

We took two separate tours during our one week stay. We chose Sweet Grenada Tours and Dwayne and Noleen were incredibly helpful in crafting private tours including the things we were most interested in seeing and experiencing. They picked us up from Sandals in a very comfortable van, with a cooler full of cold drinks and a basket of snacks and off we went!

Our first day trip included stopping at Mount Carmel falls and then onto the Grand Etang National Park where we linked up with a guide and we hiked to the Seven Sisters waterfalls. We swam in the beautiful natural pools and I even jumped off the top of the upper falls (which was terrifying but exhilarating!). We then headed to the Grand Etang Lake to take in the amazing view and we got to meet some friendly monkeys and fed them bananas. We finished up the day with a late lunch in St Georges at BB's Crabback and enjoyed traditional Grenadian creole food, including fresh fish. It is a great spot to take in the beauty of St George Bay.

Our second day out with Sweet Grenada Tours was a half day in St George. We went to the spice market and I was able to get locally grown bay leaves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. We then went to the House of Chocolate and learned about cocoa tea and got to sample some as well as purchase some incredible chocolate to bring home as souvenirs and gifts for our family. We then headed to a roadside cafe to try oil down, Grenada's national dish. This was a real treat as tracking down good oil down is trickier than we thought! Noleen made sure we got to have the most authentic experience. They sold out just after we ordered ours!

Places to eat & drink in Grenada

Sandals Grenada Pink Gin Beach

Because we stayed at Sandals and it is an all-inclusive, most our meals were at the resort. We really enjoyed the sushi at Soy and ate there nearly every night. The sushi chefs are so friendly and we always sat up at the sushi bar so we could watch them create all the beautiful rolls. We also loved the cocktails, especially the Sake Cruise. We found the other restaurants at the resort to be good quality and we went to Butch's twice and I really enjoyed the lamb chops and lobster.

BB's Crabback
We had a late lunch here on one of our day trips and it was delicious and the view of the Carenage can't be beat!

Need to Know

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Advisor - Heather Budd

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