Mykonos, Greece: A Journey to Discover the Best Beaches, Hotels, Restaurants, Nightlife & Culture

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Mykonos, Greece, is a unique destination where you can relax under the Grecian sun, enjoy delicious foods from around the world, dance the night away and take in a history lesson to learn about their culture. There are many beaches to explore, each with its own vibe and offerings. Enjoy the best sunsets in the Mediterranean and take in all the luxuries that the many well appointed hotels are ready to offer. Mykonos is a vacation that you will remember for years to come.

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Where to stay in Mykonos, Greece

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Things to do in Mykonos, Greece

City on the other side of sea

Mykonos, a destination known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and rich cultural heritage, is a Greek paradise. It offers over 25 beaches, each with its unique atmosphere, from the lively Paradise Beach to the relaxed Agios Ioannis Beach and Ornos Beach.

Mykonos Town is the main village and the capital of the island of Mykonos. It is located on the west coast of the island and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. The town is famous for its picturesque narrow streets, whitewashed buildings and colorful doors and windows. The town is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs and restaurants that stay open until the early hours of the morning.

Discovering the Mystique: Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos beaches are where sun-drenched dreams come to life. Whether you're a thrill-seeker looking for water sports or a solitude seeker craving tranquility, there's a beach for you. The vibrant Paradise Beach and the serene Agios Ioannis Beach are just two of the 25+ beaches that are a testament to the island's diverse beachscape. Mykonos is known for its stunning beaches and there are plenty to choose from. One of the most popular beaches is Paradise Beach, which is known for its lively atmosphere and parties. It's a great spot for those looking to dance, drink, and soak up the sun. Another popular beach is Super Paradise Beach, which is also known for its party scene. However, it's a bit more upscale and attracts a slightly older crowd. Both beaches have crystal-clear waters and soft sand, making them perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Another great beach to visit is Psarou Beach. This beach is known for its luxurious amenities, including beachside restaurants and bars, as well as water sports rentals. It's a great spot for those looking for a more upscale beach experience.

For those looking for a quieter beach, Agios Sostis Beach is a great option. This secluded beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and peaceful atmosphere. It's a great spot for swimming and relaxing in the sun.

For those looking for a family-friendly beach, Ornos Beach is a great option. This beach has shallow waters and plenty of amenities, including beachside restaurants and bars, as well as water sports rentals. It's a great spot for families with young children.

Finally, for those looking for a more secluded beach experience, Fokos Beach is a great option. This beach is located on the northern part of the island.

Explore Mykonos

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Mykonos, a Greek island steeped in a rich tapestry of culture and history. This radiant gem of the Aegean Sea beckons with its wealth of historical landmarks and sites that whisper tales of times long past. One unmissable cultural icon is the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, a stunning testament to the island's religious heritage, nestled at the heart of Mykonos.

Expand your cultural horizons at the Folklore Museum of Mykonos, a sanctuary preserving the island's traditional essence. Exhibits brimming with local crafts, music, and dance offer a window into the island's distinctive customs and traditions. It's an enlightening journey into the soul of Mykonos.

Art enthusiasts will find a haven in the numerous art galleries and museums across the island. The Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos, for example, is a v platform for contemporary art, providing insights into the island's thriving art scene. For those intrigued by the island's maritime legacy, the Aegean Maritime Museum offers a fascinating exploration of shipbuilding, navigation and age-old maritime traditions.

Private Catamaran

I recommend chartering a private catamaran on the Aegean Sea, with the beautiful Mykonos in the background, set sail in the afternoon and journey to the south coast of Mykonos. Savor a fresh Mediterranean lunch prepared onboard and sip on unlimited drinks as you pass the beaches of Ornos, Psarou, Platis Gialos, Paraga, Super Paradise, Paradise and Elia, and enjoy a couple of swim stops along the way.

Places to eat & drink in Mykonos, Greece

shrimp and lemon slices served on a plate

Savor the Flavors: Mykonos Restaurants

The dining scene in Mykonos is as diverse as its beachscape. From the luxurious seafood offerings to the traditional Greek food. The gastronomic journey here is more than just food — it's a cultural immersion.

Mykonos has several upscale dining options, such as Matsuhisa Mykonos, chef Nobu’s first open-air restaurant, offers a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Another option is the Michelin-starred restaurant, Ling Ling by Hakkasan serving contemporary Cantonese dishes.

D'Angelo Italian restaurant located near the iconic windmills in Mykonos Town serves authentic-prepared pizzas, fresh pastas and a variety of grilled meats and seafoods. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered to also, with an entirely separate vegan menu.

Spilia Seaside Restaurant offers a unique dining experience. This restaurant is located in a cave on the beach and offers fresh seafood and stunning views of the sea.

Kostantis is a personal favorite located on the waterfront in Ornos. It offers delicious traditional Greek food, with a seafood-heavy menu. This might be one of the best beach restaurants in Greece.

Pepper is a cozy souvlaki joint in Little Venice with a few indoor and outdoor tables. It's great for a speedy lunch or snack. The chef prepares all dishes fresh in an open kitchen. The menu features gyros and gourmet burgers.

Evening Nightlife and Lounges

Overall, the lounges in Mykonos offer a diverse range of experiences to suit any taste. Whether you're looking for a laid-back beach bar or an upscale club, you're sure to find something that fits the bill. And with the island's reputation for nightlife, you can be sure that the party will keep going well into the night.

54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge is located inside The Townhouse Hotel at Manto Square in Mykonos Town. SKYBAR rooftop terrace is a great spot for early drinks with amazing sunset views. It also features Cabaret Live Sunset sessions with Kelly Kaltsi singing all the favorite tunes! Every night, from Monday to Saturday.

Jackie O' Town Bar overlooking the sea, this is the best gay bar in Mykonos Town and a popular sunset-watching spot for everyone. Entertaining drag queen shows are held nightly.

Bao's Cocktail Bar is located in Little Venice offering fantastic cocktails, divine sunset views, and all-night dancing. The vibe is low-key around sunset, though it gets crowded as the night goes on.

Remezzo has been open for over 50-years. The place is renowned for partying till dawn, with guest DJ sets. It also includes a high-end seafood restaurant, a cocktail bar and a waterfront lounge with comfy seating.

Lola Bar, located in the heart of Mykonos Town, has a wonderful, buzzy atmosphere with laid back lounge music and fabulous cocktails including the best espresso martinis on the island. Its elegant style makes it unique and different from anything else you will see on the island. Lola Bar offers excellent personal service and makes everybody agree on one thing: once you’ve visited Lola you’ll want to come back again and again.

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