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  • Luxury Travel,
  • River & Ocean Cruising,
  • Dreamy Honeymoons

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Atlanta, GA and Attalla, AL

Languages spoken

English, a little Welsh and French

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Get to know Megan, a travel enthusiast who's all about the simple pleasures in life, like hiking, exploring art, indulging in gelato and cruising along scenic rivers. With a soft spot for train rides and a knack for finding hidden gems, she's journeyed on iconic trains like the Bernina Express in Switzerland and discovered serenity swimming in exotic lagoons in the tropics. Whether you're dreaming of wellness retreats, thrilling adventures or just satisfying your sweet tooth, Megan's got the expertise to make your travel dreams a reality through Daydream Expeditions.

Picture yourself basking in the Caribbean sun at an all-inclusive resort, exploring the historic wonders of Europe or indulging in the charm of the UK's countryside. With her expertise in luxury travel, river and luxury cruises and crafting dreamy honeymoons, she’ll transform your travel dreams into reality.

Travel style

Megan's travel style is a delightful blend of adventure and indulgence. She finds joy in exploring the great outdoors through hiking and immersing herself in the vibrant world of art and culture. Megan's love for discovering new flavors extends to her passion for gelato and indulging in culinary delights along her journeys. With a penchant for river cruising and train travel, she seeks both relaxation and excitement, often venturing off the beaten path to uncover hidden treasures. Megan's travel style embodies a perfect harmony of exploration, discovery and savoring the simple pleasures of life on the road.

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Megan was amazing with finding us with the perfect trip and we will use her expertise again in the future.

She handled everything for us. So easy to travel! Loved it all!

Megan was extremely helpful as well as very knowledgeable about our travel options. She navigated our indecision without apparent frustration and arranged a lovely NYC getaway! Will definitely recommend her to others

Megan did all the work, the flights, the cruise booking and all the excursions! It was such a great travel experience. She did a great job in booking all we wanted and more!!🥰

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Advisor - Megan Cash

Travel Advisor

Megan Cash