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My insatiable curiosity for history adds a profound layer to my travels. Before I even set foot in a new place, I'm diving headfirst into books, documentaries and online resources to unearth the rich historical narratives of the region. I enjoy crafting a perfect blend of learning and adventure that caters to the diverse ages and interested of my family.

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Traveling is not just a hobby; it's a way for me to experience the world in all its diversity. My travel preferences are a unique blend of seeking out warm, sunny locations near water and immersing myself in new cultures and experiences. I believe in taking full advantage of what a destination has to offer, whether it's relaxation on a pristine beach or delving into the rich tapestry of a new lifestyle.

My love for the sun, water, and all things tropical is undeniable. There's an inexplicable joy in feeling the warm sun on my skin, the soft sand beneath my feet, and the rhythmic sound of ocean waves. I find solace in places like the Caribbean Islands, where I can indulge in the simple pleasure of finding the perfect lounge chair on the beach. With a good book in one hand and a refreshing drink in the other, I bask in the serenity of these paradisiacal destinations.

However, my travel preferences go beyond the beaches and sunshine. I also have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a deep curiosity about the world. This curiosity leads me to explore destinations that contrast with my own lifestyle. One such experience was a trip to Tennessee, where I delved into the heart and soul of the music scene. Tennessee has a rich musical history, with legends who graced stages across the state. From the birthplace of rock 'n' roll in Memphis to the country sounds of Nashville, I absorbed the music, history and culture of this vibrant state. It was not just about being a passive observer but actively engaging with the culture, meeting local musicians, and dining where the locals dine.

For me, travel is not just about ticking off a checklist of tourist spots. It's about immersing myself in the local culture, learning about the history and traditions and engaging with the people. I love to explore local markets, try authentic cuisine and attend cultural events, no matter where I am.

I believe that every destination has a unique story to tell, and it's up to the traveler to listen and learn. Whether I'm sipping coconut water in Hawaii or savoring some authentic Greek cuisine in Athens, I'm always seeking to capture the essence of a place. My travel preferences encompass the best of both worlds - relaxation and adventure, sunshine and new experiences. The world is a vast and beautiful place and I intend to explore every corner.

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Jenn made navigating a short trip to Seattle so simple. She found us the perfect accommodations all within close proximity to each other so we could maximize our visit, saving time and money on Lyft and Uber rides. Navigating the train was also super easy with our personalized itinerary and she even included some nearby restaurants that would be specifically appealing to my picky eater.

Jenn made this trip so easy to plan and navigate. The accommodations were spot on both in price and amenities. Her personalized itinerary gave us all the details about our trip in one place along with local restaurant recommendations that did not disappoint. It was so nice to be able to simply enjoy time with my daughter without having to worry about all of the details.

Jennifer was incredibly thorough and thoughtful, considering all the needs of our party. She researched travel opportunities that fit our budget, interests and time frame in the country. Jenn was in communication with our bookings, reservations and made sure we had itineraries and reminders, so that we had the best experience possible.

Jennifer did a great job finding a resort to meet our needs and helped plan tours as well. I appreciate all she did for us.

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Advisor - Jennifer Klingner

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Jennifer Klingner