A Winter Ski Trip to St. Moritz

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A Winter Ski Trip to St. Moritz
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St. Moritz, the name itself whispers of Alpine majesty. The town, nestled like a jewel in the Swiss Alps, isn't just a ski resort – it's a portal to a world etched in my soul. 20 winters ago, with fresh snow crunching under my (wobbly) skis and a nervous flutter in my chest, I fell for two things that day: the breathtaking beauty of St. Moritz and the intoxicating thrill of conquering my fear on its pristine slopes. A winter ski trip to St. Moritz isn't just about its challenging slopes and cozy chalets on the pistes. It's about frozen lakes reflecting the rosy glow of sunrise, forests that stand like silent guardians and the hushed peace that descends as you glide through a wonderland of white. It's about cozying up in one of the country's most historic hotels – the legendary Badrutt's Palace, where whispers of royalty mingle with the scent of alpine pine – and indulging in a spa treatment that melts away every muscle ache. At Suvretta House, snowflakes swirl like fairy dust, as the private ice rink beckons, a frozen ballroom where laughter pirouettes on the ice. But St. Moritz is also more than just a breathtaking backdrop. It's the place where my first love bloomed, where my shaky turns transformed into confident strokes, and where the thrill of conquering my fear became a lifelong mantra. It's a place that whispers promises of adventure, whispers that have echoed through my heart ever since. So, if you're seeking a winter escape that's more than just powdery slopes and après-ski, visit St. Moritz. Go discover the magic that made me fall in love, not just with the man I was with then, but with the woman I've become. Come find your own alpine sanctuary, where memories are carved into snowflakes and dreams take flight on every breathtaking run. St. Moritz awaits. Are you ready to fall in love?

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Getting Here:

Train Like a Local: Experience the joy of Swiss rail! The Glacier Express from Zurich winds through dramatic valleys, unveiling breathtaking vistas as you near St. Moritz. From other cities, direct connections whisk you to your snowy haven. Local buses can be your method of transport whilst in town to the lifts and nearby villages.

Carve Your Own Path: Rent a car for ultimate freedom. Explore charming villages like Pontresina or Lenzerheide, or conquer scenic mountain passes. Remember, winter driving requires caution – adapt your speed to the conditions and stock up with the right gear!

Powder vs. Ice:

St. Moritz boasts fantastic snowfall, offering plenty of fresh powder days to carve your tracks into virgin snow. However, the high altitude can turn black pistes into icy challenges for the less adventurous. Thrill-seekers will relish the adrenaline rush of slicing through the ice, but beginners might prefer the gentler slopes of nearby Celerina.

Where to Sleep:

Legendary Luxe: Indulge in timeless elegance at Badrutt's Palace, where royalty and celebrities have mingled for generations.

Secluded Retreat: Suvretta House offers exquisite seclusion and tranquility, with its private ice rink and luxurious spa.

Contemporary Chic: The Carlton and Grand Hotel de Bain Kempinski are perfect for those seeking modern comfort and stunning mountain views.

Alpine Charm: The Kulm Hotel adds a touch of rustic charm, promising cozy fireplaces and breathtaking panoramas.

Where to hit the Slopes:

Thrill Seekers: Corviglia beckons with its challenging black runs and breathtaking descents. Test your mettle on Hahnensee or Corvatsch, and savor the victory cry at the bottom.

Confident Cruisers: Diavolezza boasts long, scenic runs with stunning glacier views. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama while carving perfect turns on wide slopes.

Family Fun: Celerina is a gentle paradise for little skiers. Easy slopes, dedicated kids' areas, and friendly ski schools make it the perfect learning ground.

First Steps on Snow: Start your skiing journey in style at the beginner-friendly slopes near the Cresta Run in St. Moritz. You'll be carving turns like a pro in no time! Celerina and Corviglia will also provide you with forgiving, wide pistes you can enjoy!

Where to Glide:

On-Ice Elegance: Suvretta House boasts a private ice rink, perfect for twirling and gliding under the winter sun.

Frozen Lake Adventure: The vast expanse of the frozen lake offers a unique skating experience, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery. Remember, always check ice conditions and never skate alone.

Celerina Charm: The village rink in Celerina offers a lively atmosphere, perfect for family fun and practicing your fancy footwork.

Hidden Gems: Explore the region's hidden gems like the natural ice rink near Champfèr, a secluded haven for those seeking serenity on the ice.

Where to Fuel Your Adventures:

Morning Delights: Start your day with a heavenly pastry from a local bakery such as Bäckerei-Konditorei Bad. Don't miss the warm, gooey pretzel dough croissants with homemade jams – they're pure comfort food!

Casual Bites: Refuel after a morning on the slopes at a rustic mountain restaurant. On the pistes enjoy a short break at White Marmot or El paradiso amongst plenty of others. Choose warm cheese fondue, hearty soups, and local specialties like Potato Rosti, Bündnerfleisch and Pizzocheri della Valtelina. For evening dining try Veltlinerkeller, Chesa Veglia, the view, stüva

My Secret Gem: Pizzaria Carusso, tucked away in Hotel Laudinella, is a must-try. Their wood-fired pizzas are simply divine, with creative toppings and melt-in-your-mouth crusts. My absolute favorite dish is their Penne Speedy (tomato, creme, smokey ham and forest mushroom goodness)

High Tea Heaven: Suvretta House's afternoon tea is an experience in itself. Indulge in delicate pastries, scones with clotted cream, and breathtaking mountain views from the iconic terrace.

Fine Dining Extravaganza: Celebrate a special occasion with a gourmet dinner at one of St. Moritz's finest and often Michelin-starred restaurants. Expect innovative dishes, impeccable service, and an unforgettable culinary journey. la Coupole Matsuhisa, Ecco and Talvo to name a few fine dining faves!

Where to Party:

After the slopes, St. Moritz comes alive with après-ski! Dance the night away at chic bars like The Devil's Place or Badrutt's Palace's King's Social Club.

Where to Chill:

Find your calm sanctuary and treat yourself to ultimate relaxation at Badrutt's Palace's renowned spa. Luxurious treatments, stunning facilities and breathtaking views will soothe your body and soul.

View of snow

Need to Know

St. Moritz is more than just a Ski Mecca. It isn't just a siren call for adrenaline junkies carving diamond tracks down black runs. It's a haven for skiers of all levels, a gentle giant that welcomes first-timers with open arms and wide, forgiving blue pistes. Picture gliding through sun-dappled forests, majestic panoramas unfolding beneath your skis, feeling the world melt away with each turn.

For the Nordic soul, St. Moritz sends you on a real adventure on cross-country skis. Imagine gliding across the vast expanse of the frozen lake, the crunch of snow underfoot your only soundtrack. Or, for those who prefer two blades instead of two sticks, the resort boasts both natural and artificial skating rinks, perfect for pirouettes and graceful glides.

But St. Moritz isn't just about snow. It's a family paradise with gentle slopes and dedicated learner programs for tiny legs, enchanting hiking trails for non-skiers, and even toboggan runs for the young and young-at-heart. For honeymooners, it's a haven of luxury and romance, where spa treatments soothe the body and gourmet meals tantalize the senses. Spend your days exploring charming villages, cozying up in fireside lounges, and soaking in the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you.

And when the sun dips low, St. Moritz transforms into a playground for the glamorous. Picture yourself rubbing shoulders with Euro royalty and Greek shipping heirs in vibrant après-ski bars, dancing the night away in chic nightclubs, or simply enjoying a sophisticated cocktail with a breathtaking view.

St. Moritz is a kaleidoscope of experiences, a destination that caters to every whim. Whether you're a seasoned skier carving your name in the snow, a first-timer taking tentative steps on the slopes, or simply seeking a luxurious escape from the everyday, St. Moritz promises an unforgettable adventure.

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on travel to Switzerland. In need of further inspiration? Check out Chanda Daly’s trip report, Slope Bliss: Embrace the Chill with All-Inclusive Ski Trips.

Advisor - Chloe Kletsa

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