Gettysburg School House Romance: Site Inspection at Federal Pointe Inn

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Gettysburg School House Romance: Site Inspection at Federal Pointe Inn
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In January of 2024, nestled in a peaceful neighborhood near Gettysburg's town center, I had a delightful time touring the Federal Pointe Inn. With a warm welcome by the staff, I was able to see how the Federal Pointe Inn provides a serene escape for couples looking to spend an intimate weekend with each other. The inn's spacious rooms, many featuring two-person bathtubs, create a romantic getaway for couples. Guests can enjoy a leisurely exploration of Gettysburg, choosing their preferred pace—whether it's a romantic, slow-paced retreat or an adventurous exploration of the town center. The Federal Pointe Inn offers a tranquil yet convenient location, making it an ideal choice for a personalized and memorable stay in Gettysburg.

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Where to stay

The Federal Pointe Inn

A charming historic boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Gettysburg, offering a blend of timeless elegance and modern amenities.

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Federal Pointe Inn offers a romantic retreat steeped in history and charm. While Gettysburg may not be thought of as a traditional romantic destination, the inn's historical preservation emotes a warm and inviting atmosphere. Along with its beautiful classic décor and antiques, I would recommend the Federal Pointe Inn as a wonderful option as a couples getaway.

The interior of Federal Pointe Inn is a testament to refined taste, adorned with the owner's antique collection. Each piece contributes to the ambiance, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blends history with contemporary elegance. My husband and I wandered the halls – an easy date for couples with a flair for antiquing - after the conclusion of the tour, taking in the beauty of multiple pieces. I am obsessed with the magnificent wall-clock hanging in the lobby. It is breathtaking!

Strategically located in a quiet neighborhood, the inn provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle, allowing couples uninterrupted time to reconnect. A noteworthy added convenience is the ample parking space—a rarity in the downtown core of Gettysburg—enhancing the overall guest experience. Guests can park their car and easily walk to the inn’s restaurant or the few blocks to the main square for shopping, dining and entertainment without having to find a space and continually feed the meter.

Adding to the Federal Pointe Inn’s guest experience is the genuine warmth and friendliness exhibited by its staff. Beyond the historical charm and architectural finesse, the hospitality extended by the personnel adds a personal touch to the stay, ensuring guests feel valued and appreciated. The staff we interacted with were so friendly and made us feel welcomed and we only did a tour!

FPI Hallway - Kyla Reagan

Image 1: FPI Hallway ; Image 2: FPI Pub

One last point to mention is the pub located on the basement floor of the hotel! The building’s schoolhouse history is preserved and on full display with added touches of modern interior design, creating a truly unique ambiance for patrons. Outgoing couples may find a visit at the top of their list as many local regularly visit the pub and love chatting with inn guests!

Need to Know

Federal Pointe Inn emerges as more than a mere accommodation option; it is an immersive journey into the past, a curated blend of history, elegance and warmth. For couples seeking a romantic getaway enriched with historical significance, Federal Pointe Inn stands as a wonderful choice—a haven where the pages of history gracefully unfold in a contemporary setting.

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Kyla Reagon wearing black hat.

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