Property Spotlight: Rapids View Villa, Victoria Falls River Lodge

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Property Spotlight: Rapids View Villa, Victoria Falls River Lodge
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Tucked away in the cradle of nature, with the majestic Victoria Falls as our serene yet powerful backdrop, my family and I discovered Rapids View Villa at Victoria Falls River Lodge. This wasn't just a stay; it felt like we had been handed the keys to a secret paradise. For four nights, we were part of the Mighty Zambezi's rhythm!

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Where to stay

Victoria Falls River Lodge

On the banks of the Zambezi, an atmospheric, luxury lodge close to its namesake natural wonder.

Fora Perks
  • Complimentary 50-minute massage per person, for up to two guests per room, once during stay.

  • Breakfast daily served in the hotel restaurant for two guests per room per stay.

  • Extended check-in/out based on availability at check-in.

Travel Advisor Shoeshoe Tiitinen in a colorful dress posing at the edge of a bridge.

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Luxury Nestled in the Wild

The villa greeted us each morning with a golden dawn, beckoning us to a day of splendour. The villa? With two family suites that comfortably accommodate four adults and six children, it's a masterpiece where chic meets wild. It's like someone read my mind and designed a place where our nature-loving yet comfort-craving hearts could coexist.

Our private butler ensured that every need was anticipated and met with grace, making our stay effortlessly perfect. The expansive decks, featuring not one but multiple plunge pools, were our private oases. From these vantage points, we had front-row seats to the hypnotic dance of the Zambezi rapids.

Rapids View Villa Plunge Pool from
Elephants on Safari

Exhilarating Encounters with Nature

Talk about adventures! The Zambezi River Cruise was an Instagram dream come true – hippos playing peek-a-boo and sunsets so fiery they could ignite the soul. The Victoria Falls, with their thunderous might, left us speechless (and that's rare for me!).

Our safari was a live-action movie directed by Mother Nature, starring majestic elephants and, surprise – lions in their regal splendour.

A Leap into the Extraordinary

The Cataract Island Pools! Imagine swimming on the edge of one of the world's wonders, feeling both the thrill of the force and the serenity of nature's embrace. It was like taking a dip in the heartbeat of the Earth.

Zambezi Sunset Cruise
Victoria Falls

Serenity at the TOA Spa

Our journey to relaxation found its crescendo at the TOA Spa. The Hakuna Matata Massage was a melody of relief – a symphony for the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, and feet. Each stroke sang 'No worries,' and we listened.

An Unforgettable Sojourn

Leaving Rapids View Villa felt like saying goodbye to an old friend. This place is more than a lodge; it's a heartbeat, a breath, a piece of Africa that stays with you. We came as visitors; we left as storytellers, carrying with us tales of the eternal spirit of Africa.

Need to Know

In addition to the unparalleled experience at Rapids View Villa, Victoria Falls River Lodge boasts a diverse array of accommodation options catering to various tastes and preferences. These include the secluded Island Treehouse Suites, which offer a unique treetop retreat; the Malachite Tented Suites, designed for those seeking an intimate and serene escape; and the classic Luxury Tented Suites, which blend the timeless appeal of safari living with modern luxury. Each accommodation option is crafted to provide guests with a distinct experience, ensuring that every stay is as unique as the majestic surroundings of Victoria Falls.

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on travel to Africa.

Travel Advisor Shoeshoe Tiitinen in a colorful dress posing at the edge of a bridge.

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