Maroma, A Belmond Hotel in the Riviera Maya of Mexico

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Maroma, A Belmond Hotel in the Riviera Maya of Mexico
Curator’s statement

I will start off with the major caveat that I personally do not normally travel to Mexico this fancy. I typically flock to the more lush jungle boutique properties. But this bourgeois Mexico trip happened and I have no regrets - I suppose I never have a regret at a Belmond Hotel. In October 2023, I did a site visit and short stay at the Maroma, A Belmond Hotel, Riviera Maya. I was able to check out the updates to the property that has been under renovation for a couple years. So here goes my site review!

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Where to stay

Maroma, A Belmond Hotel, Riviera Maya

Escape to Maroma, A Belmond Hotel, Riviera Maya – an enchanting haven where luxury embraces the spirit of the Mayan Riviera for an unforgettable coastal retreat.

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Things I Loved and Stood Out the Most: Maroma, A Belmond Hotel in the Riviera Maya of Mexico

Before arrival, I was sent a Spotify playlist. Habitas Tulum also does this, but their founder is a musician so that didn’t surprise me. This was a super personable touch for a Belmond property.

It’s so easy to get to from Cancun Airport, so I love that it is only about 40 mins away.

Traditional and common to hotels in the Yucatan area, when you arrive, they do a copal ceremony, with a blessing and you set your intentions. I love the burning smell of copal so much and always feel it starts a new environment off right. Unlike anything I have ever experienced at a hotel, they thoughtfully take you to your room for the passport and review of your details. Checkin does not happen at the front desk. It happens in your room with a complimentary welcome cocktail or a refreshment - and it’s lovely.

The Tara Bernard Studios redesign lived up to all the digital renders across the internet. The overall exterior design is jaw-dropping and so welcoming from all angles. The bathrooms throughout the hotel all have the Xinú soap (which is my favorite essentially farm to candle brand from Mexico city). The overall lighting from sunrise to sunset is so intentional and natural. The visibility of the sea at all different angles throughout the hotel is lovely and breathtaking.

The staff is ALL smiling and their energy is radiant. It’s so cool because a lot of them worked together previously at other hotels and they are just so happy with the hotel development and you can tell they are so happy to be there.

There is NO reason to rush to the beach of the pool because they have so perfectly calculated and designed the layout to accommodate all guests.

Breakfast is a mic drop. It’s so good, but omg those tortillas. I am officially the Olivia the Tortilla Ladie's #1 fan. They offer breakfast until 11am, which is perfect for those late to rise. Or those (like me) who like light eggs and a lot of coffee early and then come back for a last minute feast.

The lunch at the beach and the pool were awesome. I particularly appreciated how there was no special menu to eat poolside or at your beach chair. Recommendation is to try all the daily oyster options.

The surprise complimentary refreshments and treats are served 3 to 4 times a day poolside and beachside (popsicles, mocktails, cocktails, mixed nuts). Everything was delicious and refreshing. And Ricardo (my favorite staff member at the beach) was a pure delight).

The turndown service is the most impeccable I have ever experienced. They have thought of everything. Including a Maroma screen wipe on your computer!

The Apothecary & Guerlain Spa was not complete yet, but I got to tour it and meet with the impressive women running the operation. It will truly be substantial for those seeking wellness options during their stay. I was blown away by the offerings that I could experience: Bee Therapy Sound Healing, Maya Stargazing, A Nixtamal Journey and Under the Sea Wave Meditation. I did a 90-minute Mayan massage and my therapist, Erica, brought me to tears. I was so moved by the work she did on me.

The beach is super clean and the stretch of sand in front of the hotel is long enough for back and forth walks in the morning. There is zero rock interference and there was not a seaweed issues here during my stay. I have really good seaweed karma in this region. The water, of course, is Caribbean, floatable, lovely and warm.

The sunrise! It's worth waking up for.

The hotel lobby is the best smelling place in Mexico. I am kidding, but also serious! It’s infused with their signature hotel scent and I actually sat there on the computer working for an hour it is so lovely

Again, I have to shout out the Xinú soaps and shampoos because they are so amazing with the hotel’s custom scent.

The treats in your room! The desserts are super unique - and the presentation is beyond chic. You have no idea what anything is, but it’s so inviting and displayed so beautifully, you would be foolish to not take a picture and then give it a try!

A hotel entrance
Food and Macbook on the table

What Type of Clients do I Recommend Stay at Maroma, A Belmond Hotel in the Riviera Maya Mexico

This hotel is as luxurious as it gets in Mexico, so I absolutely love it for a special occasion, wedding property or a pampering vacation. I would recommend Maroma to babymooners on the east coast, mini-mooners bicoastal, besties wanting to celebrate an anniversary trip or solo pamper yourself clients. This may sound surprising to say, but it’s so safe and there is so much to do on site, I could see it suitable for a luxury solo traveler.

Note: I do not love this for kids. But kids are absolutely welcome here. I would not want to bring my son here or want to stay here with young kids. The ones that were there annoyed me in the pool area. The hotel seems to be making an effort for this to be kid-friendly. There are certainly water activities for kids, and the hotel does work with a local babysitting service. In the expansion (still under construction) there will be adults only areas by the spa and back villas. Perhaps this will be best for kids 16 and up that will entertain themselves and appreciate the water activities, snorkeling and maybe dive license training without parental supervision.

Things I Did Not Love at Maroma, a Belmond Hotel in the Riviera Maya

I believe there is always room for growth and I was fortunate to stay here super early on, so I am excited to see how this evolves.

Dinner is not at all up to par for Mexican cuisine. The restaurants are special, the staff is amazing and there are plenty of options. There was nothing I craved to have again, and I tried so much food. Casa Mayor & Woodend are the two restaurants on site. I was honestly disappointed to hear that Woodend (their star restaurant) is a Curtis Stone led restaurant. I would have loved it much more if the restaurants were more sustainable in supporting a local chef or had more localized influenced cuisine. I understand they did this for the namesake. It’s a very Curtis Stone experience, which I do not love in Mexico. You even pick out a steak knife from his personal favorite knife brand. I will say the steak was the best thing I ate during dinner service. I was the first guest to touch the menu they had just received, and the design was physically beautiful. I loved the fonts, the paper and the woven cover.

I am so far from an expert on wine, but I always study menus for their design and sourcing of ingredients. There was not one wine on the menu from Mexico, which was sad to me.

A man holding sellable things
A hotel lobby with sofa


Overall, this place is super special and I absolutely loved it. I woke up so excited to be there. I enjoyed all my day time activities (even my conference calls and working at the beach) and I slept so well (thanks to my pillow package). I am personally still a lush jungle/white sand boutique hotel beach girl. This being the most modern Belmond property I have stayed at and the service being so topnotch and incredible, I am in love with this place. I truly think it will thrive in this region where luxury is not taken this seriously on this level. And the good news is that a short car ride away there are a plethora of incredible restaurants and more authentic cuisine at hotels nearby (looking at you, Auberge).

Need to Know

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on travel to Mexico.

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