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Book a Cruise With a Virgin Voyages Travel Agent

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Image courtesy of Virgin Voyages

Virgin cruises are awesome already, but can a Virgin Voyages travel agent do anything to make the experience even better? You bet!

When you book your cruise with Fora, your Virgin Voyages travel agent (aka Fora Advisor) can not only help you pick the perfect cruise plan — including your destination(s), ship accommodations and so on — but  also score exciting extras and benefits.

New to Virgin Voyages? Here’s what makes the adults-only cruise line special.


Before we get into why it makes so much sense to book your cruise with a Virgin Voyages travel agent, here’s an overview of why we’re obsessed with Virgin Voyages in the first place. 

The short version: Virgin Voyages offers a fresh, luxurious take on something that was already a blast. There are a lot of reasons to love Virgin Voyages’ adults-only cruises, from the high-tech, adult-oriented amenities to the electric, carefree atmosphere. 

Here’s the long version.

The crews are welcoming and the atmosphere is inclusive

Virgin Voyages caters to the young at heart, but expect to see travelers from all walks of life aboard — better yet, expect to see travelers from all walks of life having a great time

Similarly diverse crews and performers are super nice and helpful, with a talent for making travelers feel welcome, too.

There’s a focus on wellbeing & relaxation… when you want it

There’s no denying that Virgin Voyages’ party scene is electric — the nightlife and entertainment constantly win awards — but that doesn’t mean you have to party your whole trip. 

There’s a definite choose-your-own-adventure vibe on Virgin Voyages, with tons of relaxing spa and fitness options to complement the high-energy social scene. 

Want to do nothing but enjoy fine dining, spa treatments and ocean views from the hammock on your private terrace? No problem. Want to sing, dance, drink and eat under neon lights with lively crowds? That’s great, too.

In any case, your Virgin Voyages travel agent has the lowdown on all the most adventurous and relaxing things to do. Plan your cruise with Fora, and we’ll make sure you have the time of your life.

The food and drink options are awesome, diverse and just plain better

Food and drink is another area where Virgin Voyages really stands apart from other cruise lines. You won’t find the typical buffet-style dining halls aboard. Instead, virtually all the eateries are either full-service, sit-down restaurants or quick-service vendors. 

As with everything on Virgin Voyages, the options are wide ranging, including plenty of vegetarian and gluten-feel choices. Oh, and it’s all included in the ticket price (i.e., you don’t have to pay extra for “specialty dining”).

…And so much more!

We can write volumes on what makes Virgin Voyages so great — in fact, we did in both our guide to Virgin Voyages adults-only cruises and our firsthand account of cruising on the Scarlet Lady. But if you want to personalize your travel experience, you're best off connecting with a Virgin Voyages travel agent from Fora. Here’s why…

Why should you book your cruise with a Virgin Voyages travel agent (aka Fora Advisor)?


Image courtesy of Virgin Voyages

The quick answer is that a Virgin Voyages travel agent from Fora can unlock cool extras you won’t find elsewhere. The longer answer involves priority access to popular experiences, tips on which ships and destinations match your travel preferences and more.

With Fora, your Virgin Voyages travel agent can unlock exciting extras, like…

One of the coolest benefits of booking your travel with Fora are the VIP hotel and travel perks. It’s no different with Virgin: your Virgin Voyages travel agent can score you early boarding access, onboard credits and more — all at no extra cost. 

Your Fora Virgin Voyages travel agent can also hook you up with priority access

Beyond the tangible perks, your Fora Advisor can also grant you priority access for reservations at otherwise hard-to-book experiences. These include the best restaurant meals, the coolest entertainment options and awesome shore excursions.

One-on-one support adds a personal touch to your travel experience

The best advantage to booking with Fora is all the insider access you get. 

Your Fora Advisor can help you make informed decisions on just about anything, from which destination best resonates with you to personalized accommodations and dining recommendations. We have the firsthand experience to answer any questions you have about Virgin Voyages.

Is there a fee to book with a Virgin Voyages travel agent from Fora?

Nope! While there are instances where Fora Advisors may charge for extra services like itinerary building and booking air travel (our FAQs page covers this), booking your cruise with a Virgin Voyages travel agent costs the same as booking by yourself (and you’ll get perks and support by booking with us).

Can a Fora Advisor book non-cruise destinations? Of course!

At Fora, we’re not just Virgin Voyages travel agents. If a cruise isn’t your style, Fora Advisors can help you plan travel to the unique places to stay in New Orleans, the most unique places to visit in Spain or just about anywhere — with VIP hotel perks and insider travel tips (at no extra cost, no less).


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