Project Expedition: What It Is, Why We Love It & How Fora Can Help Level Up Your Vacation

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    Travel is always an adventure, whether you're lounging by the beach or hiking the Himalayas. (Check out some of the best adventure resorts around the world.) But some vacations call for a capital-A adventure. Enter: Project Expedition.

    Project Expedition's immersive tours & activities in over 150 countries and territories around the world will take your trip to the next level. Mountain biking in Ecuador, ice climbing in Iceland (it's a thing), meditating in India — all are possible with Project Expedition. They offer over 22,000 travel experiences, after all.

    But how to decide? That's where a Project Expedition travel agent — a.k.a. Fora Advisor — comes in. We love Project Expedition, and Fora’s travel advisors can help you choose, plan and book your dream adventure getaway. Plus, our relationship with the company ensures you get treated like a VIP.

    Read on for an overview of what Project Expedition is, what it offers and why booking through Fora is the best way to go.

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    What is Project Expedition?

    Project Expedition is a tour operator offering excursions, activities and multi-day trips around the world. Traveling solo? Amazing. Looking for a small-group trip? Easy peasy.

    Essentially, Project Expedition provides a menu of options so that you can really immerse yourself in a particular destination, and enjoy unique experiences while there.

    What types of activities does Project Expedition offer?

    If you can think it, Project Expedition probably offers it — and Fora can book it. There are relaxation-based activities (yoga, massage), more culture-focused activities (wine tasting in Australia, cooking classes in Rome, museum-hopping in New York City), water sports, wildlife tours and, of course, adrenaline-boosting experiences — think paragliding, reindeer sledding, rock climbing...we could go on. Project Expedition even offers shore-excursion itineraries, so you can make the most out of your on-land adventures during your next cruise.

    A Fora Advisor can help you navigate allllll the options, and recommend which would be best for you and your travel companions.

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    Where does Project Expedition operate?

    All over the world — seriously. From Mexico to Italy to London, the destinations for a Project Expedition tour are many. In fact, there's something to do on every continent except Antarctica. And you can get pretty darn close: we're dying to go glacier trekking in Tierra del Fuego.

    What's the best way to book a Project Expedition tour?

    Connecting with Fora is the best way to plan your next adventure. Why? We'll take care of all the heavy lifting (logistics, planning, communication, etc.) so you can focus on the fun stuff. Plus, we'll help you narrow down the over 22,000 available experiences, in — again — over 150 countries and territories, based on your unique preferences and budget. Then we'll create a custom itinerary for you. All you need to worry about is showing up — and enjoying your trip.

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