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Project Expedition curates unique tours, adventures and excursions to meaningfully immerse travelers in destinations around the world, from Cyprus to South Africa.

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What is Project Expedition?

Project Expedition levels up your vacation by organizing adventures (think reindeer sledding, ice climbing, wine tasting and more), creating custom itineraries and making transportation and other trip logistics a breeze. Plus, they emphasize stellar customer service, sustainability and local businesses.

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Why Book Project Expedition with Fora

Booking with a Fora Advisor means VIP treatment from start to finish. Say hello to…

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Itinerary design to level up your vacation.

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Upgrades and amenities along the way.

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From start to finish, we got you.

How To Book Project Expedition

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Unlock VIP treatment, special upgrades & more.

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Project Expedition FAQs

If you can dream it, chances are, Project Expedition offers it. Examples of activities include camel riding, cooking classes, eco tours, skydiving, alpine skiing, birdwatching…the list goes on.

We’re glad you asked! When you take a cruise, your ship will usually stop at different ports of call around the world. These brief on-land sojourns don’t allow much time for exploring. And while Project Expedition is not a cruise, they can nonetheless level up your cruise vacation: they'll take a look at your cruise itinerary, and then recommend the best excursions to make the most of your time off the ship.

Airport and hotel transfers, custom itineraries, guided tours, attraction tickets (skip that line!) and extended trips are all available through Project Expedition.

Project Expedition organizes adventures in Africa, Asia, Australia / Oceania, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, North America and South America. (Pretty much anywhere that isn't Antarctica.)