Is Morocco Safe for Travel?

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    Is Morocco safe to travel to? Morocco is a place that many travelers are excited about visiting, but may also have questions about the safety of visiting the destination. Generally, Morocco is a safe destination to visit — exercise the same precautions you would practice anytime you visit somewhere new. 

    “Morocco offers adventure, culture, luxury, incredible food and so much more,” Henley Vazquez, Fora’s Co-Founder said. “It’s the kind of place that has a new story around every corner, and travelers are loving it.”

    If Morocco is on your bucket list and safety is top of mind, we’ve rounded up a few tips so that you can stay-in-the-know. Morocco is one of our top 30 countries that Fora Advisors have booked travel to, and we have great local partners on the ground. We pride ourselves on helping travelers organize fun trips to the destination. 

    If you’re looking for one-on-one support to plan your trip, reach out to a Fora Advisor. Our travel advisors can help answer your questions about travel in Morocco. Plus, they can share insider intel on things like the best things to do in Morocco or Morocco’s best places to visit, as well as unlock perks like spa credits and room upgrades at top hotels. 

    Is Morocco safe to visit for women? 

    Is Morocco safe for women — and particularly solo women — to visit? Broadly speaking, yes. One top tip is to work with a local guide who can help to facilitate transportation, local tours and more, especially with an eye for solo female travel. 

    “When you're with a local guide, the whole situation changes,” explained Hicham Mhammedi Alaoui, the co-founder of Experience Morocco and one of Fora’s local partners. “There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes in terms of having the right team of drivers, guides and hotel providers who are able to cater to our clientele to make sure you are safe.”

    Your Fora Advisor can help arrange a local guide for you, as well as curate a Morocco itinerary that fits your style. 

    Here are more specifics on safety for solo female travelers.

    Yes, solo female travelers should exercise caution outside of tourist areas

    Within Morocco’s high-end resorts, women travelers don’t really need to exercise any extra caution. These resorts and hotels — like the Amanjena resort in Marrakech or Four Seasons’ Casablanca Hotel — cater to international travelers who come from all walks of life. 

    It’s wise for all travelers, and especially women traveling by themselves, to be cautious when venturing into less-visited destinations. Petty theft isn’t unheard of, so it’s something to be aware of. It’s also smart to only accept tours and similar experiences through trusted providers. 

    Generally, Morocco is safe for female travelers

    Morocco is a very friendly country. (The fact that it’s unsafe for women and LGBTQ+ travelers is one of many common misconceptions about the country.) 

    “When I was there, I was walking to and from the conference I was at, and while I was alone, I never had any discomfort,” Henley said of her solo experience in Morocco. “With the right planning and local tips, I felt just as safe as I do at home in the States.”

    Is Morocco safe for LGBTQ+ travelers?

    Although same-sex marriage is illegal in the country, it’s very possible and even likely for LGBTQ+ travelers to have a great experience in Morocco. 

    “Morocco had long been a bucket-list destination for my husband and I,” Fora Advisor Michael Cole-Schwartz shared in his guide 4 Gays With 8 Days in Morocco. “So when we had a friend’s 40th birthday celebration in Paris — and with our ever-present itch for exploring — we knew exactly where we were going after the French fête. We cajoled two of our favorite travel companions into joining, so then the question was: how were four gay men going to navigate this vacation in a conservative country where homosexuality is actually illegal. The answer: good planning.”

    With the right local partners and right planning, the country can indeed be visited safely by couples who identify as LGBTQ+. 

    “If you travel with a local partner that is sensitive to LGBTQ+ clients, then the answer is absolutely, you will feel safe,” said Hicham.

    If you’re LGBTQ+ and traveling to Morocco, working with a travel advisor who has been there and also identifies as LGBTQ+ like Fora Advisor Michael Cole-Schwartz is a great way to plan your trip in confidence that you’ll have a great time.

    Is Morocco safe to visit after the 2023 earthquake?

    Absolutely. It’s true that there was an earthquake that struck Morocco in 2023. It’s worth noting that there are misconceptions that the earthquake impacted the entire country, but it was limited to specific regions, including the Atlas Mountains as well as the ancient section of Marrakech. Most of the impacted areas that serve tourists reopened quickly.  

    “There is a lot of misunderstanding and incorrect assessment [about the earthquake],” said Hicham. “Outside of a very small, remote part of the country, the rest of the country was back up and running within two weeks [of the earthquake].”

    By the way, earthquakes are not common in Morocco. The last major one was in the 1960s.

    Misconceptions about travel to Morocco because of a potential (and unlikely) risk of earthquakes have had a negative impact on the local communities that rely on tourism for their livelihoods. 

    “The single best thing you can do to help the country right now is to come visit,” said Hicham.

    Morocco travel safety FAQs

    Read on for a few more Morocco travel safety tips. Or consult with a Fora Advisor who can offer tailored advice.

    Is the drinking water in Morocco safe for travelers?

    Tap water in Morocco’s urban areas — including the top hotels across Morocco — is generally treated and safe to drink, but bottled water is a safer alternative. It’s widely available and affordable throughout the country. In rural or remote areas, it's best to rely solely on bottled water to prevent any potential health issues. 

    Similarly, we recommend paying attention to the preparation of any street food in Morocco, which has varying standards. Going on a street food tour with a local guide is a great way to experience the street food scene with someone who knows which food spots are the best. (By the way, your Fora Advisor can help you book this).

    Are there any recommended vaccinations?

    Ask your healthcare provider about vaccinations before visiting any new country. 

    Are the roads between major cities safe to travel on?

    The roads between major cities are generally well maintained. Roads to some smaller settlements may be little more than dirt paths — or completely nonexistent between certain villages in the mountains or desert. We do recommend working with a local driver if you are traveling farther distances in Morocco. It’s also worth noting that Morocco has great domestic flight options, as well as building more infrastructure like high-speed trains to make it easier than ever to get around… so if you don’t want to drive from destination to destination, you don’t have to.

    Is it safe to visit Morocco with children?

    Morocco can be a blast for children. Morocco is also teeming with wildlife and adventure — there are unusual animals such as tree-dwelling goats, beautiful nature escapes in places like the Atlas Mountains and unique cultural traditions.

    If you want an idea of what Morocco through kids' eyes looks like, this advisor guide offers a great take.

    Henley took her two of her kids to Morocco when she was pregnant with her third. 

    “People assume that Morocco is more of an adults-only destination, and I love to dispel that theory,” Henley said. 

    Many resorts cater to family-friendly travel. For example, the Four Seasons Marrakech has an incredible kids club (called “the kasbah”) complete with space for crafts, a mini-kitchen, outdoor play areas and more.

    “Morocco was one of my favorite trips with my kids,” Henley said. “Hiking in the mountains, exploring the souk, ATVing on the beach in Essaouira, admiring camels in the street – the trip was off the charts.”

    Have more questions about safe travel in Morocco? Ask a Fora Advisor

    If you have additional questions about staying safe in Morocco,  reach out to a Fora Advisor. They’ll answer all your questions and help you plan your trip in a way that leaves you comfortable and excited. Plus, if you choose to book and plan your trip with a Fora Advisor, they can hook you up with VIP hotel perks, expert travel suggestions and more tips to level up your experience.

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