Fora & Tablet Hotels Partner to Make Booking Boutique Hotels More Seamless

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    a white bed in a hotel room, with a bright patterned rug and pops of orange

    Image courtesy of Fifth Avenue Hotel, one of Fora's favorite Tablet Plus properties

    We are thrilled to announce that Fora and Tablet have deepened their partnership by enabling Fora travel advisors to access rates, live availability, member discounts and perks for nearly 1,000 Tablet Plus hotels, all directly within the Fora Advisor Portal. Fora is the first agency to integrate directly with Tablet. 

    Why Fora loves Tablet Pro

    Tablet is known for its curation of boutique, quirky and style-forward hotels. Tablet Pro, its agent program, allows advisors to earn commission on any of Tablet’s 5,000+ global properties (1,000 of which are Tablet Plus properties, which offer perks, special rates and VIP services). 

    “Tablet is known for curating a wonderful selection of independent hotels with style, a sense of design and character, and personality,” Jake Peters, Fora’s Co-Founder & Chief Product & Technology Officer said. “And with the Tablet Pro program, advisors can book these hotels with perks and, in some cases, discount member rates through Tablet for their clients.”

    As the official hotel brand of the Michelin Guide, Tablet features Michelin-Starred restaurants in many of its Tablet Plus properties, an amenity often requested by high-end clients.

    “Tablet makes proposing and selling properties easier,” said Fora Advisor Gabrielle Brechner. “Tablet Pro is also especially helpful to me personally, because the majority of my clientele are looking for that Michelin seal of approval on their own.”

    The range of options in Tablet’s portfolio is a common theme for why Fora Advisors love Tablet.   

    “The Tablet portfolio allows me to extend the VIP perks & experiences to my clients that may otherwise only be available at a (higher) price point, thus enhancing their travel experiences and their experience using a travel advisor in general,” Fora Advisor Ashley Emala said.

    Why this partnership is unique

    The partnership was brought about through close collaboration between the dedicated tech teams at Fora and Tablet, and the integration marks several exciting firsts. 

    For nearly 25 years, Tablet has curated its portfolio of stylish, boutique properties, offering a refreshing alternative to larger chain properties. The integration with Fora is the first time Tablet has allowed an agency to directly connect with live rates and availability. 

    On Fora’s end, Tablet is the first direct integration on Fora’s Portal (apart from the GDS, the global distribution system that serves as the foundation for the rest of the rates and availability within Fora’s booking platform). Embedding Tablet Pro directly into Fora’s booking platform will enhance and expedite the travel advisor booking experience. The move supports Fora’s mission to redefine what it means to be a travel advisor by using tech innovations to modernize the travel agency space, making a career in travel more accessible to a broad range of travel enthusiasts. 

    Empowering advisors through easier bookings

    In line with Fora’s mission to empower its advisors, Tablet’s integration means travel advisors will see live availability and pricing for Tablet Plus properties, plus any special member rates and perks via Fora’s Portal. At launch, advisors will click through to Tablet’s site to complete the booking, but the long-term plans include directly embedding the entire end-to-end booking experience in Portal. The immediate visibility of pricing, availability and member benefits speeds up the research and quoting process, ultimately streamlining the process to pair clients with their ideal hotel.

    “There are a number of incredible boutique and independent hotels on Tablet that have Plus perks with great rates, which I love,” Fora Advisor Nilda Del Valle Heller said. “Having access to Tablet Pro provides me with an opportunity to provide my clients with lifestyle and approachable luxury hotels that have character, perks and have been vetted by a source I trust.”

    Coupled with the ease of Fora’s convenient Vault tool, the partnership is yet another tech development that will make researching, quoting and booking faster.

    Fora Advisor favorites: top Tablet picks

    To celebrate, we’ve curated a list of a few of our Fora Advisors’ favorite Tablet hotels. 

    Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York City

    a bright hotel room with green walls, colorful furniture and a sitting area separated from the bedroom by a glass arched divider

    Image courtesy of Fifth Avenue Hotel

    There is no shortage of great hotels in New York City, but the Fifth Avenue Hotel in NoMad is a standout option. Originally opened in 1859, the historic hotel was one of the first properties to offer private bathrooms and an elevator service, which at the time were revolutionary comforts. Today, the property continues to embody the very best of Manhattan’s boutique, luxury hospitality. 

    “It’s a great addition to this neighborhood, and a great option to provide to clients who are coming to town to see Broadway shows,” said Fora Advisor Louisa Vann, who said the Fifth Avenue Hotel is her favorite Tablet property. 

    Fora Perks: $100 hotel credit per room, per stay (two-night minimum), guaranteed 2 pm late check-out, welcome treat in room on arrival, upgrade & late check-out whenever possible.

    North Block Hotel in Yountville, California

    people walk in a courtyard flanked by stone buildings

    Image courtesy of North Block

    “This is a hotel I feel like would get overlooked being surrounded by some of the bigger names in the Napa Valley and nearby towns,” said Fora Advisor Tessa Carro, who has personally stayed at the property. 

    “The hotel was perfect as a backdrop for unwinding after a day of wine tasting…I didn't want to leave after hanging by the pool and soaking in the oversized bathtub. This hotel is the epitome of what I think Tablet does really well—finds hidden boutique gems that should be on every client's radar.” 

    Fora Perks: $25 hotel / resort credit, a welcome amenity, an upgrade & late check-out whenever possible.

    Casa 9 Hotel in Mexico City

    a bed with a yellow blanket overlooks a sleek patio

    Images courtesy of casa9

    Staying at Casa 9, a luxury, four-room bed and breakfast in Mexico City feels like staying in your own townhome, Fora Advisor Martha Pearlstone said. In fact, you are: the La Condesa gem was once the home of an elite Mexican family in the early 20th century. 

    “It is a very small, intimate gem of a place – only  four rooms,” she said, explaining that it’s an enviable retreat, complete with a concierge with the best local recs. 

    Fora Perks: Welcome amenities, an upgrade & early check-in whenever possible. 

    Résidence Nell in Paris 

    a sun-lit living room with a white couch and a pale-wood table and chairs

    Image courtesy of Résidence Nell

    Fora Advisor Michelle Zelena loves the apartment-style feel of Résidence Nell, a 17-apartment oasis in the 9th arrondissement. The interiors are clean and modern, and come with luxe amenities like monogrammed slippers, bathrobes and kitchenettes equipped with chic cookware.

    “It’s a favorite for families because of the kitchen and apartment-style feel,” Michelle said.

    Fora Perks: Welcome amenities, breakfast daily for two & an upgrade whenever possible. 

    How to Become a Fora Travel Advisor

    Fora Advisors at Live Forum 2023

    Fora Advisors at Live Forum 2023

    We’re redefining what it means to be a travel advisor. Learn more about the road to becoming an independent travel agent in our guide. 

    Whether you’re seeking a part-time endeavor or an all-in career, Fora equips you with the tools and resources you need to transform your passion for travel into a serious business. 

    Here are some key ways Fora supports its community of travel advisors:

    Expert training

    Fora offers both live and on-demand training for advisors to meet their certification goals, while providing in-depth tutorials on everything from the how-to’s of booking travel to building and marketing your business.

    Welcoming community

    The best part of Fora is our community. In an industry that is notoriously sharp-elbowed, the Fora community is different. We show up, we participate, we give back, and we support one another. There’s a palpable energy fueled by collaboration and a genuine excitement around what we do. When you meet us, you’ll feel like you’ve found ‘your people.’

    When you join Fora, you’ll find opportunities to connect both in real life as well as online, including Forum, a collaborative space for advisors to come together to ask and answer questions and support each other through challenges and wins.

    Leading industry partnerships

    Fora has cultivated relationships with top hospitality brands, such as Tablet, Four Seasons, Belmond and Rosewood, and was named Virtuoso’s highest growth U.S. agency in 2024.

    Powerful tech

    Fora has a core focus on building efficiency into the travel advisor’s workflow through tech. Each advisor has access to Portal, a one-stop shop for managing bookings and clients, as well as other travel advisor resources. Portal includes Fora’s Booking Platform, which offers advisors immediate access to live pricing and availability, as well as perks from our preferred partners.

    With its own dedicated tech team, Fora’s tech approach is rooted in listening to its advisor community, and taking direct action to build requested features, such as the Vault.

    Ready to launch your career? Apply to become a travel advisor with Fora today.

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