A Month-by-Month Guide to Booking Travel

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    The early bird gets the worm, which is especially true when it comes to travel. While last-minute travel is always a possibility, the longer you wait to book a trip, the less flexibility you'll have to make sure you get the exact room you want (and many properties sell out entirely).

    The mantra for 2024: the earlier, the better. We’ve put together a month-to-month checklist that you can refer to over time to make sure you’re optimizing your travel planning throughout the year. Consider this your cheat sheet to making 2024 (and 2025) the best travel year yet.

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    February & March

    February is the last call for scheduling any President’s Day Weekend getaways. Ideally, you already have a trip in the books, but if you’re flexible on destination and budget, you can still lock in something special. The same goes for Memorial Day Weekend and graduation trips, although the timing for these events is not as urgent. Still, you’ll be better off confirming something sooner rather than later.

    February is also the time to lock in your spring break plans and, ideally, summer vacation plans, especially if you’re planning on heading to perennial hotspots like the Mediterranean. For virtually any Costa Rica travel, and for any fall trips to Japan, the time to book is now. Make sure you have your 4th of July plans dialed in by March, too.

    Pro tip: 2024 is leap year, meaning February will be a day longer. On the 29th, expect flash deals from airlines and travel companies. (January and February are great for snagging 2024 cruise deals in general, too.)

    April & May

    It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays, especially when it comes to travel. In April and May, nail down your festive season plans (especially if you’re spending the holidays somewhere warm, like Mexico or the Caribbean) to avoid soaring travel and lodging prices later in the year. 

    If you want to see Japan’s famed cherry blossoms, you’re not alone. The prime time to go is late March through early April, so for a 2025 trip, book by this April at the latest. And May is the last chance for securing any summer vacation plans, especially for big groups.

    June & July

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    Cruises are having a moment, and they’re only gaining momentum. Start planning your 2025 cruise vacations this summer, especially for smaller ship expeditions (we love Lindblad and HX) and any trips to niche destinations like Antactica. (Learn about why you should book with a cruise travel agent, a.k.a. Fora Advisor.)

    August & September

    The end of summer is prime time for finalizing your festive travel plans, getting your wintry ski trip booked (anything from November to February) and securing reservations for a beach gateway to escape the cold. Now is also the time to think about January and February 2025. New year’s trip? MLK Day? A romantic Valentine’s Day getaway? The new year will come quickly, so jump on these holidays asap. 


    October has some wiggle room when it comes to last-minute domestic travel. If you’re craving something cozy and autumnal (and easy to get to), you can still book during this month. Forgo traveling on the long weekends, though, and take advantage of the better prices and fewer people non-holiday weekends afford. (Check out these hotels for a late-fall getaway.) If you’re after something more far-flung, Morocco is particularly lovely (and less crowded) in January, so book that trip now. Last but not least, October is last call for booking festive-season travel.

    November & December 

    November is the season of A+ travel deals. Black Friday and holiday deals also apply to the travel industry, so keep an eye out for exclusive offers and last-minute availability. In November, have an idea of where you want to go in the new year and nail down your 2025 travel plans. (Again, you can never be too early.) 

    In December, feel free to exhale: you’ve arrived. You’ve made it. Take a break from planning. But if you really want a moment to decompress, consider a January wellness weekend; you can score some great prices on virtually any non-MLK weekend, and especially during the first week of the new year, when airfare tends to be the cheapest. Now is also a great time to plan something last-minute for Valentine’s Day — for a significant other or for yourself. After a whirlwind of a year, you more than deserve it.

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