Salamanca, Spain in Three Days

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Advisor - Ashley Love
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Curator’s statement

Salamanca is a charming old city, nestled on the western side of Spain near the Douro River and only 2.5 hours from Madrid. Salamanca is home to Spain's oldest University, The University of Salamanca, founded in 1218. Salamanca is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Salamanca is a walkable town with three, Michelin-starred restaurants and friendly locals. Salamanca's Plaza Mayor is captivating and the perfect setting for a summer sunset. Salamanca's quaint streets and historic buildings are sure to win you over.

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Where to stay in Salamanca, Spain

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Things to do in Salamanca, Spain

ancient stone palace

Walking tour of Salamanca will acquaint you with the history and culture of the city while familiarizing you with the cities' main streets and attractions.

University of Salamanca is one of the main draws to Salamanca as the oldest university in Spain, founded in 1218 and still growing with incoming students and international student attending for various programs.

Casa de la Concha is now a library but is a popular attraction in Salamanca with shells on the exterior of the building (conchas) and a rich historical explanation.

Have a meal in the Plaza Mayor and people watch.

Dine at one of three restaurants to receive Michelin stars; Ment Victor Gutierrez or En La Parra.

Visit Convento de la Anunciacion.

Take a taxi out to the Castillo de Buen Amor for a tour of the grounds and dinner under the stars or in the castle's old cellar.

Visit the Tormes River nearby and see the Salamancan countryside.

Day trips

  • Madrid

  • Zamora

  • Segovia

  • Avila

Salamanca is an amazing family-friendly destination that is perfect for a transition from Spain to Portugal or vice versa. Salamanca is culturally, architecturally, and historically rich and worth a visit.

Places to eat & drink in Salamanca, Spain

restaurant in the center of the city of Salamanca.

Need to Know

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Advisor - Ashley Love

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