A Hidden Gem: Exploring Folegandros' Rocky Paradise

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Advisor - Daphne Lin
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Curator’s statement

Folegandros must be a secret, unspoiled place that all travel writers whisper about, but never write about. This sleepy island has gorgeous sprawling rock beaches, Greek hospitality and delicious food without the crowds.

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Things to do in Greece

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Folegandros must be a secret, unspoiled island that all travel writers whisper about, but never write about. One hour northwest of Santorini by ferry, this sleepy island only has 600 residents. Sprawling beige rocks define the terrain and goat herds dot the horizon. With three villages and one main road, you can drive the length of the island in under 30 minutes. During low season, the island is practically empty which means you can totally take advantage of all the secluded beaches.

I was attracted to Folegandros initially because of the Anemi Hotel. Without knowing anything about the island, I went in with no research and it turned out to be a great decision because this island is one of my favorites.

The best way to get around is by ATV, which can easily traverse dusty rock paths that led to beaches. Moto Spyros, just a 5 minute walk from the hotel, for an affordable daily rate. We kept it for three days, exploring new paths and beaches throughout our stay. Watch out for the many goats throughout the island!

Take a hike to the Church of Panagia. Walk up the stone zigzag path for views upon views of the island and ocean.

Explore the small beaches by ATV. My first stop and the most remote beach, Ambeli Beach has a tiny area for lounging. The rest of the beach has huge, easy to climb rocks that hug a small cove. Next stop - Galifos Beach. There was no one around when we settled down on concrete slabs lining the shore with towering, jagged coastlines in our sight line. Agios Nikolaos Beach is the most beach-like with fine pebbles and trees with shade, we shared this beach with one or two other couples. A short walk from Galifos Beach, Agios Nikolaos is accessible only by a hiking path or boat.

Places to eat & drink in Greece

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By Agios Nikolaos Beach is Papalagi, a seafood tavern overlooking the beach, and they have the most amazing mahi-mahi carpaccio. By the look of the dance floor, this place is probably poppin' in peak summer.

In the main village of Chora, we had dinner twice at the classy Blue Cuisine where they served modern, delicious Greek food.

Need to Know

This island is relaxing, beautiful and remote, and I hope it stays this way. I'll get you there and we'll keep it our little secret.

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Advisor - Daphne Lin

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