Captivating Mallorca: Coastal Beauty & Beyond

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Advisor - Laura Vaughn
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Mallorca beckons—an island where history and modernity intertwine seamlessly. Unveil hidden villages nestled amid picturesque landscapes, revel in local festivities that echo traditional and uncover secluded coves accessible only by the shimmering sea. Beyond its renowned beaches, Mallorca's culinary scene thrives, offering a blend of authentic flavors from charming family-run establishments to contemporary gastronomic delights. The island's charm lies in the juxtaposition of ancient architecture and contemporary innovations, creating a unique ambiance that invites exploration. From vibrant markets to tranquil olive groves, Mallorca caters to diverse tastes, promising an extraordinary experience for every traveler fortunate enough to step onto its shores.

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Where to stay in Mallorca

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Things to do in Mallorca

An aerial view of the city.

Mallorca, the radiant jewel of the Mediterranean, unveils a myriad of captivating experiences that showcase the island's rich history, nature, and culture. With sun-soaked shores, picturesque villages, and breathtaking landscapes, Mallorca entices wanderers in search of authenticity and unforgettable moments. Whether strolling through vibrant markets or exploring hidden coves, visitors become fully immersed in the charm of the island. Easily accessible, a quick flight from Barcelona or a scenic ferry ride from mainland Spain seamlessly connects you to Mallorca's embrace. Having a driver for enhanced exploration offers expert insights and a leisurely way to navigate the island's winding roads, providing a unique perspective on this Mediterranean gem.


The vibrant heart of Mallorca, Palma, seamlessly blends history and modernity. Its historic center reveals architectural wonders like Palma Cathedral, while its chic boutiques, lively cafes and buzzing markets provide an urban energy that complements the island's tranquil beauty.

Deià and Valldemossa

These enchanting villages offer an escape into Mallorca's Bohemian and artistic soul. Deià's breathtaking views and artistic inspiration have long attracted creative minds, while Valldemossa's cobblestone streets and historic monastery exude timeless charm.

Port de Sóller

Nestled between mountains and the Mediterranean, Port de Sóller is a coastal haven where relaxation meets adventure. Whether it's strolling along the promenade, enjoying fresh seafood or taking a ride on the vintage tram, the town offers a perfect blend of leisure and nostalgia.


Immerse yourself in Santanyí's picturesque beauty, where art galleries, local crafts, and vibrant markets create a cultural mosaic bursting with colors, textures, and creative expressions. Its weekly market invites visitors to engage with Mallorca's artistic spirit, embracing the vivid energy that defines this charming town.

Mallorca's Coastal Charms

Mallorca's beaches stand as testament to the island's natural splendor, where the interplay between land and sea forms enchanting landscapes waiting to be discovered. Here are a few of Mallorca's inviting coastal havens, where the untamed allure of nature meets the soothing embrace of the sea. Each beach holds its own chapter in the island's story, waiting for you to craft your own memorable moments along its shores.

Cala Varques

Tucked away on the eastern coast, Cala Varques rewards intrepid explorers with its untouched beauty. Accessible via a scenic hike through pine forests, this hidden gem boasts not only tranquil turquoise waters and pristine sands, but also an unspoiled ambiance that invites relaxation and reflection.

Torrent de Pareis

Nestled between towering cliffs on the northwestern coast, Torrent de Pareis stands as a natural marvel. Its rugged landscape, carved by water and time, creates a dramatic backdrop for sunbathing and swimming, offering an experience that's both invigorating and serene.

Cala Deià

Wrapped in the embrace of the Tramuntana Mountains, Cala Deià exudes a bohemian charm that has enchanted artists and travelers for decades. Its pebbled shores and crystal-clear waters invite visitors to bask in its unique ambiance, while the village above offers a delightful escape into artistic inspiration.

Places to eat & drink in Mallorca

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Mallorca's gastronomic scene is a journey through flavors that span centuries of tradition and modern culinary innovation. From charming local eateries to world-class dining establishments, the island invites you to savor its diverse palette of tastes. Whether you're indulging in traditional Mallorcan fare or relishing contemporary creations, each meal becomes a celebration of the island's rich culinary heritage.

Exploring Mallorca's Exquisite Dining

Adrián Quetglas: Nestled in Palma, this Michelin-starred establishment bears the name of its talented chef. Adrián Quetglas artfully blends Mediterranean ingredients and avant-garde techniques, resulting in a symphony of flavors that redefine fine dining.

Bou: Located in Sa Coma, Bou is a Michelin-starred haven that marries traditional Mallorcan recipes with modern innovation. Its commitment to using locally sourced, top-quality ingredients guarantees an authentic and elevated dining experience.

Ca Na Toneta: Situated in the picturesque village of Caimari, Ca Na Toneta is more than a restaurant – it's a tribute to Mallorca's culinary heritage. With a focus on organic and locally sourced ingredients, the menu reflects the island's flavors in every bite.

Bens d'Avall: Perched on the cliffs of Sóller, Bens d'Avall is a true sensory experience. This restaurant offers both culinary excellence and breathtaking views, with an emphasis on locally caught seafood and Mallorcan produce.

Es Fum: Within the luxurious St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort, Es Fum takes Mallorcan dining to new heights. As a Michelin-starred restaurant, it showcases the artistry of its chefs through a blend of global influences and meticulous attention to detail.

Flanigan: Set on the beach in Puerto Portals, Flanigan's seaside charm and fresh seafood offerings create an unforgettable dining experience with stunning ocean views.

Jardín: Hidden in the heart of Port d'Alcúdia, Jardín boasts a Michelin star for its innovative cuisine that beautifully combines local ingredients and global influences, creating a harmonious culinary journey.

From the refined elegance of Michelin-starred establishments to charming local haunts, Mallorca's restaurants embody a rich tapestry of flavors, inviting you to savor the island's culinary soul.

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Advisor - Laura Vaughn

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