Healing Escapes: A Healing Odyssey Through Enchantment and Wonder

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Advisor - Marilyn Fay
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view of desert rocks on a blue sky day
Curator’s statement

Sedona is a destination that holds a special place in my heart. Having traveled here over thirteen times, I've come to cherish its unique magic that never fails to inspire me. For me, travel is all about transformation, and Sedona has been the catalyst for profound change. Step away from the congested touristy downtown scene and immerse yourself in the hidden gems of its trails. Each visit offers a chance to witness the unspoiled beauty of nature, a transformative journey that promises an experience of a lifetime. Every trail is a path to discovery, and every moment a gift. Sedona is waiting for you.

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Where to stay in Sedona, Arizona

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Things to do in Sedona, Arizona

Red rocks at sunset at Grand Canyon.

Hiking Trails

Explore the captivating beauty of Cathedral Rock, a towering red rock formation. As sunlight dances upon its majestic spires, casting shifting shadows that create an enchanting tapestry of colors, and a profound sense of awe. This natural wonder, blending rugged grandeur with delicate details, stands as a testament to the Earth's captivating beauty. Amid this awe-inspiring landscape, ancient Juniper trees welcome you at the trail's base.

Discover Slide Rock State Park, nestled in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sedona. This park boasts a unique natural waterslide, sculpted by the smooth rocks of Oak Creek.

Enjoy the sounds of the creek while exploring Red Rock State Park hiking trails and taking in the stunning red rock landscapes. Water from Oak Creek flows through the park. Oak Creek runs along the eastern edge of the park and provides a peaceful and scenic view.. Great place for a picnic and wading in the water.

Boynton Canyon is another amazing hike in Sedona. This trail offers stunning red rock formations, beautiful vistas and a chance to connect with the natural beauty of the area. The trailhead for the Boynton Canyon hike is located at the Boynton Canyon Trailhead parking area. Enjoy the hike and the breathtaking views.


E-Bike around the famed Red Rock Loop Road, offering great local stories and history of the area.

Exciting Pink Jeep Tours off road adventure. It’s a thrilling drive over red rock formations.

Guided hikes with Sedona's Red Rock Country Shaman Rahelio. Immerse yourself in a healing and inspirational experience as he guides you through sacred songs, drumming, flute melodies and indigenous spiritual wisdom. Discover the power of the vortex and Medicine Wheel empowerment. Weddings and Sweat Lodge ceremonies are available, creating moments to cherish in the gorgeous Red Rock landscape.

Indulge in the best form of bodywork in the world at Therapy on the Rocks, situated amid the Red Rock Cliffs of an Ancient Avalanche. Experience the world's best therapy with breathtaking views in an oasis nurtured by the waters of Oak Creek Canyon. Relax before or after your treatment on the deck while in the creekside whirlpool.

Places to eat & drink in Sedona, Arizona

small village plaza shaded by trees

After a day of exploring nature, indulge in the flavors of Sedona while basking in the backdrop of its awe-inspiring landscapes.



Delight in a breakfast experience that harmonizes with the natural beauty of Sedona. With its breathtaking views and refined ambiance, it offers a culinary journey that perfectly complements your exploration of the red rock landscapes.

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Advisor - Marilyn Fay

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