Six Sun-Drenched Days in Corfu, Greece

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We fell in love with the idea of visiting Corfu, Greece after watching 'The Durrell's in Corfu' series. If you're looking for a unique Greek experience, this island is a great off-the-beaten-path excursion. It's fairly popular with British tourists, but we hardly came across a single American during our whole week there. Corfu is mentioned in many Greek mythological stories like The Odyssey, where ship-wrecked hero Odysseus washes ashore in Corfu and stays there.

Perhaps the greatest part about Corfu isn't the endless beach clubs & tavernas, or the swimming holes around every corner, or the always sparkling Mediterranean -- but the slow life. Evenings listening to the cicadas, getting lost among bougainvilleas, street cats taking a nap.

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Where to stay

San Antonio Corfu Resort

A luxurious seaside escape on the stunning island of Corfu, offering breathtaking sea views and impeccable Mediterranean hospitality.

Angsana Corfu Resort

A tranquil beachfront retreat on Corfu's azure coast, featuring modern comforts and a touch of tropical luxury.

The Merchant's House

A boutique gem in Corfu's historic town, where elegance meets history, providing a charming stay amidst the island's culture and beauty.

Advisor - Margaret Scott

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Day 1: Frappe's, Shopping & Beach Clubs!

corfu blue waters

After flying in and taking in the view of green hillsides lined with villas, you'll be happy to know that Old CorfuTown is just a few minutes down the road from the airport. The best way to stay in Corfu is by renting a villa! Most have a five to seven-night minimum, but come with pools, cleaning services, drivers, and more. Although Corfu is known for it's coastal towns around the island, we definitely recommend experiencing CorfuTown for at least one evening to enjoy the cobblestone streets & historic pastel-colored Venetian architecture.

We checked into the Arcadion Hotel, which is front and center to all the action and a cozy accommodation right in the main area.

First things first, it's likely a hot sunny day and you may be experiencing a little jet-lag. Fear not, head straight to one of the cutest coffee shops I've ever seen, Mikro Cafe, and order yourself a Frappe. After enjoying your cold & refreshing coffee (a Greek staple) it's time to hit the cobblestone streets and get lost in the shops in the historic part of the village. Don't miss Harris Cotton for beautiful linen shirts & dresses.

After shopping, it's time to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at Imabari Corfu. This beach club is picturesque. Locals & tourists alike flock here to enjoy cocktails on the coast. Tables rest right along the water's edge on the rocks. Everyone is swimming, reading, drinking and enjoying the sunshine. This is one of my favorite beach clubs I've ever been to.

For dinner, head to Pomo D'Oro Corfu. This quiet patio is a dreamy place to enjoy Greek wine and creative pasta dishes. It's family-operated and delicious. It was one of our favorite meals on the island.

Day 2: Up the Coast to Kalami Bay

Corfu Bay

Now that you've got your city fix, it's time to head North to one of the most beautiful areas of the island. The Northeast Coast of Corfu is stunning. Cyprus trees line the hillsides, swimming holes & beaches at every turn, and a single-lane winding road takes you all the way up to Kalami Bay. We definitely recommend renting a car in Corfu to get around (plus, it's fun to listen to the Mamma Mia soundtrack as you explore the curvy roads).

Check in at San Antonio Corfu Resort for a boutique hotel that's front and center to the bay. We loved our stay here and it gave us the best access to everything Kalami has to offer. They also have complimentary breakfast and beautiful pools & patios for you to lounge at.

After checking in, we suggest heading to the rocky beach and renting day beds to post up and enjoy that direct Corfu sunshine. Right in front of Callao Corfu, there are nice chairs for you to rent with drink & food service. There's also a little wooden dock for you to use to jump into the water in case you need to cool down. Feeling adventurous? You'll see a dock floating just off the main beach that allows you to go tubing, wakeboarding & water skiing. We had the BEST time water skiing in the sea and the guides will come pick you up from the beach.

For dinner, we recommend making reservations at Toula's in Agni Bay (one bay over from Kalami). This seafood restaurant is an absolute dream! Get used to eating dinner at 10pm and staying at your table all night, because with this view, you won't want to leave. For an oceanfront view & tables that literally almost sit in the water, you can't beat the fresh seafood here. It's a little on the nicer side, but worth every penny.

Day 3: Time to Explore!

Corfu City

There's so much to do on this island, and if you're feeling adventurous, it's time to hop back in your car for a roadtrip over to the Northwest Coast of Corfu to experience the iconic Porto Timoni Beach. You can follow the directions on your map to Porto Timoni Beach, but you'll need to park (paid parking) where the trail begins in the little seaside town of Afiona. We definitely recommend wearing tennis shoes for this hike (or sturdy sandals if you are brave). After you weave through town, follow the signs to Porto Timoni Beach. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get down to the beach on a narrow dirt trail. It's HOT on this hike, so make sure you have water and sunscreen. This beach is famous for it's back-to-back bays with a sandy beach in the center. The water is as bright blue and clear as it gets. It's the perfect snorkeling and swimming spot, and boats out on the water appear to be floating in midair. It can get busy in the summer months, but it's a must if you're visiting Corfu for the first time.

Once you brave the hike back up to the top, you'll likely be in need of refreshments. Stop by Anemos for appetizers, a spritz and some time in the shade. This vine-covered patio is gorgeous and offers panoramic views of the sea.

The drive home is beautiful and shows off how rural & wild parts of Corfu are. Spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening in Kalami before heading to dinner at The White House. If you've watched The Durrell's, then you know this is where the family settled down on the island. It's now a rental & restaurant with some of the best outdoor dining views I've ever had. I was worried this place would be a tourist trap, but was delightfully surprised by the creative menu, wonderful service, and beautiful views.

Day 4: Seas the Day!

Corfu Blue Waters

If you didn't already guess, today is boat day! The water in Corfu is so gorgeous and we absolutely suggest renting a private boat and spending the day at sea. There are lots of different trips you can take by boat - we opted to go check out the Blue Caves in Paxos, but there are shorter boat days you can do based on your preference. It can get windy off the coast of Corfu, so be prepared for rough waters, but if you can make it to Paxos for the day, it's a gorgeous island and is worth the trip. Our captain stopped at beaches only accessible by boat with amazing swimming spots. We used San Stefano Boats and had a great experience on our tour!

After being on the boat all day, you'll be tired and happy to have dinner so close by. Callao Corfu is literally steps from San Antonio Resort and is a vibey, upscale restaurant with neutral tones, modern touches & a creative menu. There's no better place to enjoy a cocktail-heavy evening.

Day 5: Corfu Countryside

Statue in Corfu

Now that you've spent the last four days in the sun and by the water, it's time to enjoy a day on the island doing something unique and different. Most people don't think of Greece as a place to go wine tasting and see rolling hills filled with vines, but Corfu will surprise you!

Head south and explore some of the mountainous towns like Pelekas with a viewpoint looking out from Kaiser's Throne. Old Perithia is also a popular stop heading south from Kalami Bay and has hiking trails, local mountainous tavernas & historic stone buildings dating back to medieval times.

For our last two days on the island, we'd recommend staying somewhere closer to Corfu Town, like the Grecotel Corfu Imperial or somewhere within the historic city center, that way you can access entirely new parts of the island. One thing you can't miss in Corfu is a tour & tasting of Ambelonas Winery. They have wine-tastings, cooking classes & dinner available and we suggest getting reservations in advance. When we arrived, I couldn't believe we were still in Greece. I felt like we were transported to Tuscany with all of the lush rolling hills, vine-covered estates. It's only 6km away from Corfu Town and has been a wine & olive oil cultivation for over 400 years. The original owners immigrated from Venice to Corfu in the 1600s! The patio is perfection - you'll enjoy a wine tasting & dinner nestled under dense green vines and rustic family-style tables.

Day 6: Seaside Splurge

Corfu Coffee and Cafe

One last day in Corfu - how could there still be more to do? We haven't even scratched the surface on all of the beaches you can visit, but there's one thing that you can't miss on the island, and that's a trip over to Palaiokastritsa Beach. You'll drive through olive groves and little seaside tavernas until you reach this popular beach location. The beach is busy, but it's a beautiful place to explore, snorkel, swim & soak in the sun. The real treasure of the area can be found just up the road from Palaiokastritsa Beach.

La Grotta Beach Bar is the perfect way to round up your Corfu experience. This seafront bar is built into the craggy rocks. You have to walk down steep hidden stairs to get there, but then you'll be greeted with ample patio space, a cocktail cavern, lively music, a picturesque diving board, cliff jumpers and sun-worshippers. Have a spritz (or 3) and enjoy the afternoon. It's a younger crowd and there's also a boat driver who can take you across the way to a beach only accessible via water.

Finally, you get to have one last meal in Corfu, so you better make it count. If you're in the mood to splurge, look no further than Etrusco. Etrusco has been voted as 'The Best Restaurant in Greece' for 11 consecutive years and it's sister restaurant in Athens has a Michelin star. The tasting menu is pricey, but the experience is superb. You'll sit under a beautiful tree that the patio is built around and enjoy impeccable service with the perfect coursed dinner to end your trip. Etrusco is known for it's famous Blue Lobster dish, but our favorites were the Omnivore Carpaccio with caviar and the handmade pappardelle with duck ragu and truffles. You'll look back on Corfu like a fever-dream, wondering if it's possible for a little island to have so much charm.

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