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Advisor - Emily Adams
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Nice, France is a stunning coastal city on the French Riviera known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant markets, and Mediterranean charm.
Curator’s statement

Nestled along the azure shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Nice emerges as a city that effortlessly dances between the past and the present. a canvas splashed with vibrant colors, a symphony of aromas and an orchestra of sensations that awaken the soul. With each cobblestone alleyway and every sweeping coastline vista, Nice beckons you to experience its irresistible blend of Old World elegance and modern allure.

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Where to stay in Nice, France

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Things to do in Nice, France

Matisse Museum is a captivating tribute to the artistic brilliance of Henri Matisse, showcasing his masterpieces in a serene setting in Nice, France.

Charming Old Town

Venture into the heart of the city, where Vieux Nice, the Old Town, welcomes you with open arms. Meander through narrow alleys that crisscross like ancient secrets, their vibrant stoops adorned with shuttered windows and blooming flowers. The Cours Saleya market, a sensory delight, lures you with a kaleidoscope of flowers, vibrant produce and local crafts. Dive into the buzz of the market, where the sweet scent of lavender mingles with the earthy notes of fresh produce. This creates the perfect opportunity to grab a fresh bouquet and meander around the Old Town for a photo-op moment.

Nice's love affair with art is woven into its very fabric. The Marc Chagall National Museum is a sanctuary of color, housing the ethereal works of the Russian-French artist. Wander through gardens of stained glass and canvases that sing with tales of myth and magic. Meanwhile, the Matisse Museum pays homage to the master of color, inviting you to bask in the luminous hues that inspired his art.

Day trip

Nice serves as your springboard to explore the glittering jewels of the French Riviera. Monte Carlo's opulence, Antibes' maritime allure and Cannes' star-studded elegance are all within reach. A train ride to the enchanting village of Eze rewards you with panoramic views and a journey back in time, as cobbled streets wind their way past artisan boutiques and charming terraces.

Places to eat & drink in Nice, France

Mr. Mathieu is a delectable destination offering a delightful array of gourmet sandwiches, combining French culinary flair with savory ingredients.

Gastronomic Delights

Prepare your taste buds for an odyssey of flavor. Nice's culinary scene is a mosaic of Mediterranean marvels. Indulge in socca, a savory chickpea pancake, and salade niçoise, a harmonious medley of fresh vegetables, olives, tuna, and anchovies. As the sun dips below the sea's horizon, grab a spritz to sip on and allow the vibrant colors of a Provencal sunset to mirror the vivacity of your plate.

Eat & Drink

Les Distillerie Ideales for happy hour drinks before dinner.

Hobo Coffee for coffee and breakfast.

Peixes for a meal on the Michelin Guide that’s surprisingly affordable and undeniably memorable.

Mr. Mathieu for simple and delicious sandwiches.

The Fit Kitchen for fresh pressed juice, smoothies and health food.

Advisor - Emily Adams

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