Unveiling Fiji: Your Ultimate 10-Night Luxury Paradise Escape

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Advisor - Laura Leal
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Laura Leal

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Curator’s statement

Fiji is the epitome of luxury tropical escape, where stunning natural beauty mixes seamlessly with world-famous Fijian hospitality. Its pristine beaches, lush rainforests and vibrant reefs create the perfect paradise for relaxation and adventure. With world-class resorts, diverse cultural experiences and a sense of seclusion on private islands, Fiji offers an unrivaled blend of luxury, culture and natural splendor making it the ultimate destination for discerning travelers seeking an unforgettable tropical escape.

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Fiji is calling; the ultimate destination for your next luxurious escape.

If you're like me – always craving the perfect blend of relaxation, culture, and a dash of adventure – Fiji is where your wanderlusting heart will find its happy place. Imagine kayaking through turquoise waters, zip-lining through tropical rainforests and snorkeling vibrant coral reefs, all while enjoying the unparalleled luxury and service that Fiji is famous for. It's a paradise that caters to your every whim. Fiji is world-famous for its warm hospitality, where every "Bula!" (hello) is like a heartfelt embrace and the genuine smiles of the locals make you feel like you've found a second home.

If you're yearning for a luxury-based 10-night tropical escape that embodies the very essence of Fiji's allure, your search ends here:

Fiji Triple Delight: Denarau, Coral Coast and the Fiji Islands

Here's the magic of Fiji: It's like experiencing three totally different worlds all in one glorious trip. Let's break it down – we're talking about soaking up the vibes of cosmopolitan Denarau, discovering the hidden treasures of the gorgeous Coral Coast and enjoying the relaxing vibes of the glorious, picture-perfect Fijian Islands. It's the kind of adventure that'll make your heart race, your soul unwind, and your inner explorer leap with joy!


  • Where Luxury Meets Convenience

  • 2 Nights in Denarau – Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island

  • Picture this: You step off the plane, and in no time, you're sipping cocktails by the beach. That's Denarau for you – a short ride from the airport and you're in a world of luxury. The Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island is all about waterfront bliss. I mean, who can resist prime beachfront lounging, adrenaline pumping water sports and strolls through kilometers of picturesque water-front tropical gardens? Oh, and did I mention the gourmet dining that'll take your taste buds on a journey from local Fijian flavors to global delights?

  • Where to dine – Sails at Denarau

  • What not to miss experience – ATV Quad Adventure with Hot Springs

Coral Coast

  • Your Relaxation Retreat

  • 3 Nights on Fiji’s Coral Coast – Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa

  • Alright, get ready to unwind like never before. The Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa is pure bliss for those who live for relaxation. Think spa treatments that'll transport you to cloud nine, yoga sessions by the beach, and moments of tranquility on every corner of the resort that will be sure to soothe your soul. And here's the cherry on top – you'll dive into Fiji's rich culture, from traditional shows to connecting with local artisans. It's the perfect blend of serenity and discovery.

  • Where to dineWicked Walu

  • What not to miss experience – Naihehe Cave Safari

Fiji Islands

  • Your Barefoot Beach Paradise

  • 5 Nights on Fiji's Enchanted Islands – Namale Fiji Island Resort & Spa

  • You know that ultimate escape you've been dreaming of? Namale Fiji Island Resort & Spa is where it comes to life. Tucked away on its own 525-acre private tropical island, it's your oasis of seclusion and beachside bliss. Think gourmet all-inclusive cuisine, hidden waterfalls, horseback rides and underwater adventures that'll leave you in total awe. Prepare to be blown away by all this paradise has to offer including blow holes, Lovers Deck complete with a heart-shaped hot tub overlooking the spectacular volcanic coastline and the award winning luxurious Veleni Sasauni Spa. And the accommodations? Get ready to be spoiled with luxurious bures and villas seamlessly intertwined into their tropical surroundings– it's the perfect recipe for romance, adventure and pure indulgence.

  • Where to dine – Private Dining seaside cave experience

  • What not to miss experience – Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Fiji isn't just a destination; it's a canvas for forging unforgettable travel memories. It's a paradise that caters to your every desire, and I know you'll fall in love.

Pause for a moment and picture yourself on the soft, powdery sands of a pristine Fijian beach, the warm sun caressing your skin as a gentle breeze carries the soothing melody of the ocean. You're sipping a fresh coconut, gazing out at the endless turquoise waters, where colorful fish dance beneath the surface of the crystal-clear lagoon. The scent of tropical blooms fills the air as you stroll through lush rainforests, discovering hidden waterfalls that seem straight out of a movie. Imagine indulging in a spa treatment while the sound of waves serenades you or embarking on thrilling adventures like zip-lining through emerald canopies and snorkeling among vibrant coral gardens. In Fiji, every moment feels like a page from a luxury travel magazine and this paradise is ready to welcome you with open arms. It's time to turn this daydream into a reality and let Fiji's warm hospitality and breathtaking beauty embrace your senses.

Fiji is waiting and I'm here to help you make it a reality. The luxury, the culture, the adventure – it's all here, waiting to sweep you off your feet. Dive into this tropical haven and create memories that'll last a lifetime!

Advisor - Laura Leal

Travel Advisor

Laura Leal

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