Hidden Gem: Shores of Carilo (Argentina)

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Advisor - Román Iglesias
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Feel the nature with the surrounding forest.
Curator’s statement

Argentina is a very large country, so Buenos Aires is not the only entertainment it can offer. In fact, when someone thinks of Argentina, beaches are not the first thing that comes to mind due to the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems it has. However, the Atlantic coast of the province of Buenos Aires offers the best beaches in the country, with many small and charming towns on them. The most picturesque of all is Cariló, 400 km away from the city of Buenos Aires. Immersed in the particular forests of pines, acacias and aromas, this town offers a different stay in the country.

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Where to stay in Carilo

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Things to do in Carilo

Main road in Carilo.

We could say that Cariló is a hidden gem in Argentina, where the first look goes to Iguazú or Patagonia. Its landscapes are unique in the country, where, like in few places, modern and luxurious homes merge harmoniously with the lush pine forests, hills, dunes and sandy roads. Even in the center of the city, you will find this wonderful panorama, which includes rustic cabin-style buildings completely made of wood. As a special addition, there will be no shortage of encounters with the unique peacocks that roam wild along the paths and (sometimes) roofs of the houses.

Its calm and pure environment invites everyone to spend time relaxing, hiking along forest paths, cycling and sports activities, among others. But of course, the main attraction is the beach, which is quiet compared to most of the other beaches in the province and also large in size, which allows a moment of disconnection from the city to connect with nature.

Places to eat & drink in Carilo

The commercial center in Carilo is where Tante Carilo restaurant is located.

Top-3 places to delight in an amazing gastronomic experience:

Josefa La Pasta: Honoring the great Italian legacy that prevails in Argentina, this place offers the best pasta dishes in town in a small, well-decorated environment.

A Mano: The best option for a dinner. In this restaurant you can find a variety of dishes, from grill to vegetarian, just 200m from the shopping center.

Tante: You won't find a better tea house than this one. Ideal for breakfast or a typical afternoon tea, you will find a wide variety of sweet dishes, including waffles and cakes.

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Advisor - Román Iglesias

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Román Iglesias

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