The Best of Negril, Jamaica

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Curator’s statement

Negril Jamaica is a place I hold close to my heart. My father took me there for the first time as a young teen and I've continued to return over and over throughout the years. From quick trips to extended stays it has been one of my favorite places to enjoy. From the famous 7 mile white sand beach to the beautiful West End on the cliffs. Negril has a ton to offer any traveler. It really is a gem with it’s delicious food, vibrant nightlife, welcoming people and of course the undeniable laidback vibes.

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Where to stay in Negril, Jamaica

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Skylark Negril Beach Resort

Island-style sister property to the town’s beloved Rockhouse Hotel with a laidback atmosphere, resort amenities, traditional Jamaican restaurant Miss Lilly's and a relaxing spa.

The Caves Hotel

A romantic, adults-only boutique sleep with an all-inclusive plan and dreamy clifftop setting in Negril, Jamaica.

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Tensing Pen Hotel and Boutique

Embrace bohemian charm and seaside relaxation at Tensing Pen, where eclectic accommodations, cliffside views, and a laid-back atmosphere in Negril, Jamaica, offer a tranquil and unforgettable stay on the beautiful Caribbean coast.

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Advisor - Laura Vaughn

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Things to do in Negril, Jamaica

The Best of Negril, Jamaica - Things to do

Seven Mile Beach

Indulge in the renowned Seven Mile Beach, a stretch of powdery white sand and turquoise waters. Relax, swim, or try water sports like snorkeling and paddleboarding.

Rick's Cafe

Rick's Cafe is a must-visit hotspot in Negril, and it's famous for its breathtaking cliff diving performances. While there, you can enjoy the thrill of watching local daredevils leap off the cliffs into the crystal-clear waters below. Apart from cliff diving, you can also relax with a refreshing cocktail, savor delicious Jamaican cuisine and witness some of the most stunning sunsets in the Caribbean.

Mayfield Falls

Embark on an adventure to Mayfield Falls, a hidden gem located in the lush Jamaican countryside. This eco-tourism destination offers a guided tour through the refreshing waters of the river, leading you to discover natural Jacuzzis, cascading waterfalls and enchanting underwater caves. It's a perfect spot to connect with nature, take a refreshing dip and capture some stunning photographs.

Pelican Bar

The Pelican Bar is an iconic floating bar perched on a sandbar in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. To get there, you'll take a boat ride, and once you arrive, you can enjoy cold drinks, fresh seafood, and the laid-back ambiance of this unique watering hole. The surrounding waters are shallow, making it an excellent spot for swimming and taking in the stunning ocean views.

Sunset Cruises

Explore Negril's coastline and taking a sunset cruise on a catamaran or a glass-bottom boat. These cruises often include live music, entertainment and opportunities for snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs. As the sun sets over the horizon, you'll be treated to a magical experience that captures the essence of Negril's beauty.

Lighthouse Park

Explore Negril's historic Great Morass and visit Negril Lighthouse Park for panoramic views, birdwatching, and a glimpse into the island's maritime history.

Negril Hills Golf Club

If you're a golfer, tee off at Negril Hills Golf Club, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and offering a relaxing round of golf.

ATV Adventures

For an adrenaline rush, consider ATV tours through Negril's rugged terrain. Explore hidden trails, lush landscapes, and off-the-beaten-path locations for a thrilling day out.

Blue Mountain Coffee

The Blue Mountain Coffee Tour in Jamaica takes you through the process of cultivating and processing this renowned coffee variety. Guided by experts, you'll explore the lush Blue Mountains, learn about the coffee's history and production, and indulge in freshly brewed cups with breathtaking views, gaining an enriched understanding of this world-famous brew.

The Appleton Estate Rum Tour

Explore the picturesque estate, from sugarcane fields to historic distilleries, and learn about the meticulous rum-making process. It's a must-visit for those seeking to delve into Jamaica's rich rum heritage and indulge in a true Caribbean experience.


Negril's nightlife is a vibrant blend of beachfront bars, live music venues, and reggae-infused parties. Experience the rhythmic beats, lively dance floors, and beachside bonfires that come alive after sunset. From cliffside venues to beach parties, Negril offers a dynamic and unforgettable nocturnal scene.

Places to eat & drink in Negril, Jamaica

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Rockhouse Cafe: Located within the Rockhouse Hotel, the Rockhouse Cafe offers an unparalleled dining experience overlooking the cliffs and the Caribbean Sea. The menu features a fusion of Jamaican and international cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients. Don't miss their signature cocktails and desserts while enjoying the stunning sunset views.

Swordfish Restaurant: Swordfish Restaurant is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Negril. It is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as its excellent seafood dishes, including their namesake, the Swordfish. You can also find other delicious Jamaican dishes and international flavors on the menu. The friendly staff and live music make it a memorable dining experience.

Sweet Spice Restaurant: For an authentic taste of Jamaican cuisine, head to Sweet Spice Restaurant. This local favorite serves up traditional dishes bursting with flavors, such as curry goat, oxtail, jerk chicken and ackee and saltfish. The portions are generous and the ambiance is casual, providing a genuine Jamaican dining experience.

Ivan's Restaurant at Catcha Falling Star: Nestled on the cliffs of Negril's West End, Ivan's Restaurant is part of the charming Catcha Falling Star boutique hotel. This hidden gem offers a unique and romantic dining experience with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

Xtabi: Its name means "meeting place of the gods" in Mayan, and the setting certainly lives up to that description. Dine in open-air thatched huts perched above the turquoise sea, enjoying Jamaican and international cuisine while taking in breathtaking views of the Caribbean waters.

3 Dives Jerk Centre: A beloved local eatery renowned for its authentic Jamaican jerk cuisine. The restaurant gained widespread recognition when it was featured on the television show "The Amazing Race" in the US. Its appearance showcased its vibrant atmosphere, delicious jerk dishes, and the stunning backdrop of Negril's cliffs.

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