A Weekend in Belgium

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Advisor - Jess Manno
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Jess Manno

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Discover the charm of Belgium through its captivating towns and cities nestled around Brussels. For those backpacking through Europe and harboring a love for chocolate, frites, and beer, these cities are a must-add to your itinerary!

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Things to do in Belgium


Check out the Architecture in Brussels

Make sure to pack your sneakers because Brussels has a lot to offer when it comes to the art & architecture scene! As you stroll through the city, you'll stumble upon the monumental Arcade du Cinquantenaire, the Royal Palace, King's House, and Town Hall. St. Gudule Church is an exquisite Roman Catholic church for those into medieval cathedrals. And of course, Manneken-Pis, the landmark fountain sculpture, is much beloved by locals and is one of the city's most visited attractions.

Indulge in Belgian Chocolate

You're obviously going to get a Belgian waffle - right?! I had one for breakfast and it was the best guilt-free decision going into a full day of walking around Brussels. One might have it as an afternoon snack - but we're on vacation here! Aside from that, in between the art & architecture were various old-world chocolate shops who's scent alone makes you float right into the store. Indulge in these homemade, soul-filling treats! They're the perfect souvenir for your loved ones back home.

A Beer-Lover's Dream

Belgium has 1,600 beer brands. Fun fact - every single beer has their very own glassware design, so when you go out for a drink and order a few different beers, expect a different glass each time! There are breweries galore for those wanting to quench their thirst.

Take a 20-minute Train to Leuven

Leuven is a stunning town, home to Stella Artois Brewery and full of lively college students. If you're traveling with friends or as a couple, and you're into the bar scene, then stop by Leuven. It has 240 pubs! Pay a visit to Oude Markt, a unique square known as the longest bar in Europe with 40 bars in a row. One of these bars has a selection of 2,000 beers! Outside of that, feast your eyes on the beauty of Leuven's Town Hall - the gothic-style architecture will leave you in awe.

Take 1.5 Hour Train to Bruges

Bruges is the most enchanting, romantic city. Picture this: 13th-century medieval buildings on narrow cobble-stoned streets, a canal winding through the city with dozens of sunbathing swans, stone bridges carrying horse & carriage rides, and in the distance, you hear a street violinist play a harmonious tune. That's Bruges. Take a canal cruise through their history and picturesque scenery. When we visited, there was a lab named Felix who overlooked the Bruges canal from his window. A very good boy!

Need to Know

Like much of Europe, Belgium is laid-back with an unhurried pace, giving you a sense of peacefulness and appreciation for the little things in life. The culture left us in a state of relaxation and newfound enlightenment. A weekend in Belgium was a perfect amount of time to see what we wanted to see. Brussels, Bruges, and Leuven can be seen in one day if you're on a time-crunch. Next time I visit Belgium, Antwerp, Ghent, and more chocolate will be on the itinerary!

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Advisor - Jess Manno

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