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Advisor - Abbie Synan
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Tbilisi is truly a destination that can find its way onto any travelers itinerary. Off-the-beaten-path adventurers, wine connoisseurs and gourmands, culture vultures or history buffs...

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Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia

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  • Georgian food is some of the best cuisine, and what better way to find out more about the food and history of Tbilisi than with a cooking class. My friends at Georgian Flavors have the best classes for delicious home-cooked recipes!

  • Georgian people have been vintners for thousands of years. Natural wines, or 'orange wine' has found more international acclaim but Georgia is where you can find some of the best amber wines. A wine tasting is one of the best ways to be introduced to the region.

  • Head to the spa and learn more about Georgian thermal baths. The sulfer baths are an institution in Tbilisi, with the geothermal waters running underground in the Old Town. While there are several options for bath houses, my personal favorite is Chreli-Abano.

  • Visit mother Georgia. Head up to the statue of Mother Georgia, she overlooks the city with a sword in one hand and a goblet of wine in the other, a symbol of both protection from foes and hospitality towards friends. You can take a cable car to the statue and it provides a vantage point overlooking the whole city.

  • Leave space in your bag for a day of shopping. One of my favorite places to peruse is the rows of antique and vintage sellers at the Dry Bridge Market. There are venders with all different unique treasures, as well as some artisans selling their handicrafts.

  • While Georgian wine is wonderful, a cha cha tasting is in order while in Tbilisi. Chacha is the local liquor, made from grape skins during the wine making process, Chacha has rich roots in wine and alcohol distilling and consumption. Places like Chacha Time or Chacha Corner are two great places for an introduction.

  • Learn more about the Orthodox religion by visiting a church. Anchiskhati Basilica has a world renown choir, or plan a visit to the country's largest church, Holy Trinity Cathedral. Marvel at the religious architecture and learn about the importance of the church throughout the country's history.

  • Take in the arts while visiting Tbilisi. There are several places throughout the city that offer opportunities to take in Georgian art. The Academy of the Arts was once a private home, with intricate murals and mosaics. The Modern Art Museum (MOMA) is also worth a visit, along with the Art Palace of Georgia.

Places to eat & drink in Tbilisi, Georgia

wine, a loaf bread, tomatoes on a wood stump
  • Cafe Littera is one place I go every time I'm in Tbilisi. The backdrop is the historic writer's house of Georgia and the courtyard is such a dreamy place to have a meal.

  • Shavi Lomi is one of the best restaurants in the city. With delicious dishes, craft beers, and relaxed vibes. It's a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

  • Lolita is for when you're craving a little international dish, the pizzas here are delicious. It's across from Rooms Hotel so it's convenient if you're looking for a quick meal near your accommodations with a chill, relaxed cafe vibe.

  • Barbarestan is a culinary institution. Reservations here are a must to secure a table and experience traditional Georgian cuisine, with a modern twist. Menu items are based on a famed cookbook, with recipes that highlight the culinary history of the country.

  • Keto and Kote feels like you're in someone's home. The food is delicious and the decor is cool. The outdoor garden has a view overlooking the city.

  • Cafe Leila is an oasis for my vegetarians. While Georgian food can be veggie friendly, Leila does a wonderful job highlighting fresh produce from the region. In addition to delicious dishes, the cafe is also visually stunning, which is always a bonus.

  • Ninia's Garden is a can't miss dining opportunity. Every dish I've had here has been sensational, so it isn't hyperbole when I say anything on the menu is worth ordering. The design of the restaurant is so gorgeous, just like the plating you can tell that meticulous care was taken with every detail.

  • Cafe Daphna is the place to come if you're wanting to indulge in Khinkali, some of the capital's best dumplings. These soup filled dumplings are one of the stars of Georgian cuisine, so I think it's safe to say you haven't truly visited the country until you've eaten Khinkali.

Advisor - Abbie Synan

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