A Picturesque Escape to Annecy, France for All Travelers

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Advisor - Amanda Znutas
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Curator’s statement

Annecy, known as the "Little Venice" can be many things to many people. It offers various year-round options for adventurous travelers, picturesque views for those seeking either a tranquil or a romantic setting, and a perfect landscape for curious explorers. Old Town Annecy has a way of continuously revealing unique and special aspects of itself as you wander through the streets, while slowly transporting you back in time. It truly feels like a fairytale. As if this wasn't enough, it's hard to not be memorized by the backdrop of the Alps. Travel outside of Old Town to Lake Annecy, and it's easy to understand why it holds the title of "the cleanest lake in Europe." The hues of the water, the charm of the surrounding villages, the accessible paths, and the view of the Alps come together to create a perfect space for individuals, couples and families. Regardless of what type of travel experience you're looking for, Annecy is undeniably breathtaking, unforgettable and a hidden jewel of France.

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Where to stay in Annecy, France

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Things to do in Annecy, France

boats in water with mountains in the background

Although many locals indicate that their favorite time of year in Annecy is September since the weather is still nice and the crowds die down, Annecy can be appreciated year-round.

Things to do in Annecy in the Summer

During the summer months, everyone takes advantage of the beauty and purity of Lake Annecy by swimming, sunbathing, renting boats, paddle boarding, waterskiing, and taking boat tours.

In spring, summer and fall, Annecy is also a great spot for walking, bike riding (casual riders and/or cyclists), electric bike riding and hiking. For even more adventurous travelers, they're also known for paragliding, canyoning and hot air balloon flights.

Things to do in the Winter in Annecy

In the winter, Annecy is a popular destination because it's relatively close to ski resorts.

An Exploration of Old Town:

Old Town Annecy is quaint, picturesque and incredibly special. Old Town offers so many scenic and unexpected views as you wander through the streets and explore. It's hard to not feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Definite "must sees" are:

  • Pont des Amors "Lover's Bridge" - The bridge connects the European Gardens and Paquier Esplanade. Legend has it that if you kiss anyone in the middle of the bridge you will stay together for life. Don't let this keep you away if you're a single traveler; the views are phenomenal.

  • Jardins de l’Europe - A beautiful park with stunning views and beautiful flower beds. It's great for a nice stroll, a picnic, reading or just sitting back to enjoy the view.

  • Palais de l’Île - A historic monument described as the "house in the shape of a ship." It has been a prison, a courthouse and an administrative center.

  • Château d'Annecy (closed on Tuesdays) - A restored castle and museum. This historical monument offers clear views of the Alps with a museum comprised of temporary exhibitions.

  • Admiring the views from the various bridges in Annecy such as Pont de la Halle, Pont de la République and Pont Perriere.

  • Visit the Old Town Market on the Rue Sainte-Claire (open Tuesday, Friday and Sunday).

It's easy to find certain spots like Pont des Amors, Jardins de L'Europe, Palais de I'lle, and Château d'Annecy on your own. However, if you're someone that enjoys the benefits of a guided tour, I would highly recommend a guided tour of Old Town. For those who prefer to explore at their own pace, I would suggest a self-guided tour option. Old Town continues to unfold as you walk and somehow continues to surprise you. It could be easy to miss the ever-changing aspects of each area of Old Town as the architecture and vibe can truly change from street to street. A tour option just helps to make sure you're able to really see the beauty of Old Town in its entirety and truly appreciate it!

Day Trips

  • Geneva.

  • Aix-les-Bains.

  • Chambéry.

  • Ski resorts: Manigod, La Clusaz, Le Grand Bornand and Saint Jean de Sixt.

Places to eat & drink in Annecy, France

large tan building with flower beds during daytime

Breakfast & Brunch in Annecy

Lunch & Dinner in Annecy

Here are some tips if you find yourself at the continental breakfast offered by LeViu and have food allergies:

  • If you ask, they have gluten-free bread and packaged treats that they'll give you at the continental breakfast/room service.

  • If you go to the continental breakfast you can order eggs made to order instead of what's served at the buffet station.

  • They also offer alternative milk-soy, almond, and coconut if you ask for it.

Advisor - Amanda Znutas

Travel Advisor

Amanda Znutas

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