A Luxury Getaway in Mykonos, Greece

Advisor - Candice Jankowski
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Advisor - A Luxury Getaway in Mykonos, Greece
Curator’s statement

A fixture on the global DJ circuit, Mykonos, delivers with stunning beaches and incredible Aegean cuisine competing with what could only be considered paradise (the Greeks call it meraki!). From ATV rides across the whole island to partying with the hottest celebs at Nammos, Mykonos will steal your heart forever and make you want to extend your trip yet another night. The marriage of fresh Greek aromas in the cuisine and wine, juxtaposed with the whitewashed blue architecture truly transports one into a magical aesop.

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Where to stay in Mykonos

Mykonos Theoxenia

This storied stay has a hard-to-beat location between the beach and Mykonos Town.

Cavo Tagoo

Aegean Sea views and a chic, minimalist look are just two highlights at this hillside hotel on the edge of Mykonos Town.

Advisor - Candice Jankowski

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Things to do in Mykonos

A Luxury Getaway in Mykonos, Greece - Things to do

Mykonos is that postcard-perfect destination where the beachside calls out to you directly, reserving you a spot at one of the island’s most luxurious beach clubs and a seat at the hottest DJ party in town. From Principote to SantAnna, the beach clubs are a great way to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sun. Want to live like the rich and famous for a day? Renting a yacht and pulling up to the busiest beach club will sure be an attention grabber. 

For when a day at the beach isn’t enough, watch an international DJ spin at Cavo Paradiso.  This mega club on a cliff brings in some of the most famous DJs in the world. Make sure you are ready to party all night because the party keeps going until sunrise. 

For when you are ready to leave the party scene behind, head out to visit Mykonos’ own “Little Venice,” a romantic getaway especially perfect during golden hour. This picturesque neighborhood is a little escape into Italy while still serving up the best of Greek cuisine.

And if you didn’t know, Greece is also a prominent wine maker. The Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm & Vineyard is a perfect spot for a wine tour, and a further dive into the essence of the island. 

For when you truly want to go off-the-grid, an ATV is the best way to explore the small island and discover secret locations. The Mykonos Windmills, the iconic 16th century structures that have become an island landmark, are certainly worth a visit.

Make sure to spend some time couture shopping in Mykonos town and break some plates at Sea Satin. A Greek-style dinner party is one that calls you to push away the tables and chairs, break some porcelain plates, and dance: opa!

A note from Candice

Mykonos is a very small island with only about 30 taxis, so waiting for transportation can be frustrating – especially after a late night of partying. If you are traveling with a big group, it might be better to arrange private transportation during your stay.

Places to eat & drink in Mykonos

A Luxury Getaway in Mykonos, Greece - Places to eat & drink

Nammos: Famous with celebs, this place turns into a dinner-party starting early in the evening.

Scorpios: The legendary Sunday night place, this is the kind of destination to get to early (right before sunset) for amazing views.

180⁰ Sunset Bar: This magical spot is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail while you watch the sun's golden rays fill the horizon.

Kikis Tavern: Often referred to as the restaurant with the best food on the whole island, this little taverna is a place that is probably missed by most. For one, it is on the northern part of the island. Also, it has no sign and does not take phone reservations. It closes at sunset so make sure to get there for lunch or an early dinner! 

Jimmy’s Gyros: One of the most famous spots in Mykonos is this little gyro restaurant. They are open late for all those party-goers hungry after the bar. Say hi to the owner Jimmy, as he is usually there!

Buddha Bar: The world-famous Buddha-bar experience is comprehended with an Aegean touch at the Santa Marina resort. 

Bowl: Looking for the best avocado toast on the island? This healthy breakfast spot has great açai bowls as well. 

Spilia: One of the most beautiful restaurants in Mykonos, perched in a cave, this hidden gem has some of the best seafood on the island.

D’Angelo: Just a few steps away from the windmills, this is a great place to get some Italian cuisine.  

I Scream: Need something to cool you down from that scorching Mediterranean sun? Head over to this cute ice cream shop.

Advisor - Candice Jankowski

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