Level up your creator business

Whether you have a thriving career as a creator or you're just starting out, your job is to inspire others to explore the world. Your audience values your advice, but what if you you could offer them exclusive perks and upgrades without costing them a dime? Truth is: if you’re not managing bookings, you’re leaving money on the table.

Expand your horizons (and increase your $$$) by becoming a Fora Advisor. You’ll be able to go beyond recommending places, and actually book them for your audience, earning commission on things like hotels, travel insurance, cruises and more – with no setup costs or upfront work.

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Your career, your terms

  • Diversify your revenue stream through bookings
  • Make your own schedule (work when you want, wherever you want)
  • Be your own boss, always
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Your dream job – in travel

  • Turn your planning skills into a travel career
  • Dream up amazing trips and make them happen
  • Discover the world through a wide network of robust connections
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A ‘social’ network

  • Online education and training
  • Live, interactive destination info
  • Community forum for all your questions
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Endless opportunities

  • Earn money before you have an established following
  • Get fulfillment from passion-aligned work
  • Unlock access to exclusive travel conferences and experiences
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Becoming a travel advisor is great for you if:

  • You love making travel plans, sharing your recommendations, and hooking people up with places you know they’ll love
  • You have a network interested in travel tips and want to grow your business beyond your content
  • You’re super organized and detail-oriented and can’t get enough of learning about new destinations, hotels and travel experiences
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Are you the go-to person for travel tips?

Transform your passion into your dream job. Become a Fora Advisor and start earning by selling, planning and booking trips.

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