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I’m Maggie: A lover of the ocean, craft beer and Google Maps. My passion lies in people and human connection — this is why I travel.

My goal: make travel accessible in a way that transcends your Instagram discover page. While social media can be a wonderful tool for education and research, it is impersonal. I aim to use my interpersonal skills developed over years of working as an actor to create truly unique travel memories that will surpass anything AI or search engine generated.

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I’m about balance and intentional travel. Each trip will be different – because you will be different, too. It all depends on what you need in that moment. 

Catch me budget backpacking Eastern Europe one month, and soaking up the Caribbean sun the next. I obsessively make lists on Google Maps while embracing spontaneity. I know when to be a tourist and when to sniff out the best local spots. You’ll find me wandering the streets alone by day, followed by dinner and drinks with new friends by night. And if you couldn't tell — I love beer. Let me plan you a trip around it. 

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Maggie was very knowledgeable & attentive to our needs. Maggie gave us a few choices of hotels. She reserved our hotel & took care of our tours as well. Recommended her services already to friends & family. Thank you Maggie, you made our first European vacation a memorable one ❤️

Maggie was an incredible support. I came to her on short notice, but she provided us so much support in that time. Within an hour of my initial request, she gave me a personalized list of hotels (including transportation information to our concert venue!). She used her hands-on experience with NYC to provide us a truly tailored list of recommendations, and the perks that she was able to provide us gave us so much more value for our stay. We were able to stay at a high-quality hotel, got a wonderful bottle of prosecco, free dinner AND breakfast, for less than the price of the cheapest hotel otherwise. I had an amazing time booking with Maggie!

With my family and friends, I’m known as the “planner”. Whether in the US, or overseas, I am always the one tasked with planning flights, hotels, excursions, rental cars, etc. However, when Maggie told me she was going to start working as a travel advisor, I thought it would be nice to have someone else come up with logistics for a trip that I was going on to Southern California. Maggie was fantastic with offering multiple suggestions, with various price levels and locations, with detailed reasons for all the lodging she had gathered for me. She was extremely helpful and flexible with tailoring all the wants and activities I wanted my vacation to be from sightseeing, playing golf, grabbing a refreshing drink, relaxing poolside, and seeing friends and family. Maggie was always timely with a response and really did a fantastic job in planning my trip. I know that Maggie is the quintessential traveler, and it shows in her ability to help plan and achieve the vision that people have when they find a great travel advisor to maximize their journeys.

We loved booking with Maggie. After a brief conversation she sent us a few hotels to choose from. She really seemed to know what we were looking for: Good location (as we like to walk everywhere) and a cozy place without pretension. We received free, full breakfast every morning, a beautiful Chef's 3 course meal, and the hotel was not fussy about our check out time. Thank you Maggie for getting these lovely perks for us. Happy to book with Maggie anytime.

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Advisor - Maggie Pecorino

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