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Cesar and I have traveled with very little logistical support. So when there was a delay, or when we lost our luggage, or when we spent time trying to book that tour/activity or make that special restaurant reservation. It sure felt like we were still at work!

Fortunately if you book with us through Fora, we can optimize your vacation time and experience:

1) With on the ground 24/7 logistical support

2) Current & in-depth destination knowledge & bespoke itinerary

3) The best connections locally, while supporting local businesses & community

So, whether you want a fully curated experience or just the essentials, we come along with:




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This was just one of four European hotels Cesar booked for me. All of them met my expectations for price, quality and location. One of the hotels was under new management and hadn’t yet gotten its booking process worked out (it was a bit of a mess) but Cesar stayed focused, kept following up and scored the reservation just as I was about ready to give up. I hadn’t used a travel consultant for a few years but working with Cesar saved me a bunch of time and aggravation and now I am sold on the idea of using him again for my travel arrangements.

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Advisor - Cesar Monell & Alex Tufel

Travel Advisor

Cesar Monell & Alex Tufel