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Wonderlust hit when a monkey crawled on top of my head in the middle of Nicaragua on my honeymoon... we've been exploring ever since! In recent years, have been adventuring with a toddler tow!

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While we started our international bucket list exploring countries all over, our family has recently fell in love with the US National Parks and are up for any adventure! Explore the local culture, hike, wine & repeat!

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Alexandra was the most thorough and wonderful agent I have ever used. Her communication skills were next level, and she gave us exactly what we were looking for.

I recently had the pleasure of working with an extraordinary travel agent, Alexandra, who went above and beyond to ensure that our vacation exceeded expectations. From the initial consultation to the final details, every aspect of the trip was handled with precision and creativity. One of the standout qualities of this travel agent was their promptness. Communication was seamless, and responses to my questions and schedule changes were almost immediate. It was evident that she valued my time and was dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free planning process. This efficiency made the entire experience not only enjoyable but also remarkably convenient. What truly set this travel agent apart was their exceptional listening skills. They took the time to understand our preferences, interests, and even the subtle nuances of our travel style for this particular trip. This personalized approach translated into a tailor-made itinerary that perfectly suited my husband and my desires. It felt as though every detail was handpicked to ensure a vacation that was uniquely created. Creativity was another area where this travel agent truly shone. Instead of offering generic suggestions, they crafted an itinerary full of unexpected delights and hidden gems. From off-the-beaten-path hotels, and unique add ons and experiences, every recommendation showcased their approach to travel planning. It was clear that they were passionate about creating a memorable and one-of-a-kind adventure. When unforeseen challenges arose, Alexandra proved to be an exceptional problem solver. Whether it was adjusting travel arrangements or navigating unexpected obstacles, their resourcefulness and quick thinking ensured that our vacation remained smooth and enjoyable. Their commitment to providing top-notch service was evident in their ability to handle any curveball that came our way. And there werre MANY! In conclusion, my experience with using Alexandra as a travel agent was nothing short of outstanding. Her promptness, attentive listening, creative approach, and effective problem-solving skills created our vacation into an unforgettable journey. I wholeheartedly recommend this travel agent to anyone seeking a truly personalized and stress-free travel experience. Five stars are simply not enough to express my gratitude for the exceptional service provided!

Alexandra was amazing- you can't go wrong letting her help you! I think we changed our minds about where we wanted to go for our honeymoon about 8 times. She never missed a beat, each time she was very helpful with her suggestions and giving us feedback. I'm the kind of person who likes to be a little more in control and she accommodated our needs every step of the way. She was willing to be as involved as we needed and kept us up to date on all the flight changes and what we needed to do prior to going to Jamaica. It was nice to know we would be taken care of and that we could just sit back and not have to worry or stress about our honeymoon!

Alex was incredibly helpful in booking all our accommodations for our recent vacation. We were able to see so much of the Pacific Northwest because she provided us with the best timeline and places to stay along the way. She gave us great options to chose from that fit our budget and made the booking process very easy. She kept us informed on fire closures in areas we planned to visit and helped us change up our itinerary to still make the most of the trip. We travel often but this was truly one of our very best trips thanks to Alex. Would highly recommend her as a travel agent as we plan to use her for every trip going forward!

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Advisor - Alexandra Duhl

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Alexandra Duhl