What’s Hot for Cruising in 2024?

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Fora Author Henley Vazquez


Henley Vazquez

    aerial view of a cruise ship at sea

    Image courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

    Attention all cruise lovers (and those ‘cruise-curious among us)! While we make our wishlists and start planning for 2024 travel, I’ve compiled a list of what’s trending in 2024’s cruising scene. Spoiler alert: it’s all about comebacks, innovations and plenty of fun on the high seas.

    From the resurgence of renowned brands to innovative floating hotels and immersive expeditions, here's a glimpse into the world of cruising for the year ahead.

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    1. Crystal Cruises Sets Sail Again under A&K Ownership

    a large white cruise ship on the ocean

    Image courtesy of Crystal Cruises

    Known for its lavish accommodations, exceptional service and curated itineraries, Crystal Cruises is now under the wing of the global travel brand Abercrombie & Kent. What does this mean, exactly? Picture Crystal's renowned opulence meeting A&K's flair for immersive journeys, with holistic spas and Nobu sushi on board. The union of these travel heavyweights is sure to set a new standard in high-end cruising – and I’m here for it. 

    2. Four Seasons Palau, A Diver's Paradise on Water

    Four Seasons Palau

    Image courtesy of Four Seasons Palau Explorer

    The Four Seasons’ first ever ‘cruising resort’ – an 11-cabin catamaran that’s nothing short of a floating marvel – has moved to the heart of Palau, a paradisiacal archipelago in the Western Pacific. Thanks to its relocation, travelers have unparalleled access to some of the world's most vibrant marine ecosystems. With luxurious accommodations (panoramic suites opening to private sundecks) and exclusive diving experiences, it's a haven for underwater thrills – but make it luxury. 

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    3. Lindblad Expeditions introduces new route to Drake Passage

    a sauna overlooking the sea

    Image courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions

    As pioneers in eco-conscious travel,  Lindblad Expeditions is leveling up to explore the world's most remote corners while championing environmental conservation. Starting in 2024, Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic will escort adventurers to Antarctica's icy landscapes in just 8 days (the Drake Passage route traditionally took nearly twice as long to explore via cruise). What's more, Lindblad Expeditions fosters a deeper connection with nature for the preservation of these fragile ecosystems. It's one of our favorite eco-friendly cruises, after all.

    4. Norwegian Cruise Line is doubling down on approachable luxury

    observation deck with large windows and lights

    Image courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

    In 2024, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) continues to set new standards in aproachable luxury, offering a wide array of onboard activities, dining options and entertainment. The year brings innovative enhancements to their fleet, starting with Norwegian Joy — including an upgraded spa, expanded Vibe Beach Club and go-kart racetrack. With journeys ranging from Bermuda to the Baltics, this favorite cruise line caters to everyone from hidden gem seekers to those craving a poolside retreat. There's a reason they call it 'freestyle cruising.'

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    Author - Henley Vazquez
    Henley Vazquez

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