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3 Fun Hotels in West Palm Beach, Florida: Fora's Guide

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If you’re looking for great hotels in West Palm Beach, you’ve come to the right place. We have three solid options that will enhance your sunny South Florida vacation. 

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Which is better: Palm Beach or West Palm Beach?

Palm Beach is the ritzy, exclusive sister city to West Palm Beach, which still has an upscale vibe, but also a wider range of accommodations and things to do (like checking out the Palm Beach Zoo or Norton Museum of Art). 

If you’re looking to stay busy, staying at hotels in West Palm Beach makes sense, especially if you’re traveling on a budget. But if you’re looking for a super-relaxing stay at a luxury resort, the beachfront hotels of Palm Beach are going to serve you better. Of course, traveling between the two cities isn’t difficult, so you’re not locked into one over the other. 

Overall: deciding which city to stay in is a matter of preference and budget.

The 3 best hotels in West Palm Beach, FL

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1. Hilton West Palm Beach: a bold & comfy hotel in West Palm Beach

Hilton West Palm Beach offers stylish and comfortable lodging right next to Downtown West Palm Beach, the city’s bustling nightlife and shopping hub (The Square is especially neat). Now, this West Palm Beach hotel isn’t exactly a Four Seasons (you’ll want a Palm Beach getaway for a hotel of that caliber), but it’s certainly a big step above the run-of-the-mill choices that dot every city.

The pool scene is quite lively, with a resident DJ on Saturdays and a poolside bar-slash-café. Plus, there are weekly fitness classes and an airport shuttle.

2. Hyatt Place West Palm Beach/Downtown: an upscale, if basic hotel close to the waterfront

Hyatt Place is another nice hotel in West Palm Beach that checks the right boxes but doesn’t necessarily do anything to wow guests. Here you can expect comfortable, spacious rooms and basic amenities with the occasional nice touch.

Hyatt Place is also right next door to The Square in Downtown West Palm Beach so the location is very convenient — and perhaps slightly better than Hilton West Palm Beach because you can easily access Lake Worth Lagoon’s scenic waterfront trail.

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3. Grandview Gardens: a lovely boutique hotel in West Palm Beach

Possibly the nicest hotel in West Palm Beach, Grandview Gardens features fun and ornate decor with a Spanish Mediterranean twist inspired by the hotel’s historic roots. 

Housed in a historic building first built in 1925, Grandview Gardens offers a more intimate stay than the previous two hotels, but with a proportional rise in the nightly rate. Still, Grandview Gardens is generally more affordable than the luxury resorts of Palm Beach, representing a happy medium between the simple high-rise hotels of Downtown (which is still just a short drive away) and the aforementioned resorts across the Royal Park Bridge.

It’s also worth noting that Grandview Gardens’ location is in a quiet residential area, making it a great option for travelers seeking a laid-back stay.

(Looking for stylish, intimate hotels elsewhere in South Florida? Check out our guide to boutique hotels in Miami.)

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