Getting off Fora’s Waitlist: Learn How to Craft a Stellar Application with Fora’s Membership Team

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    Aspiring travel advisors, we see you. At Fora, we teach you everything you need about how to become a travel agent and start a thriving travel business you love. The first step, of course, is to apply to become an advisor

    Our waitlist is always growing, but you’re in the right place. Fora’s co-founder Henley Vazquez and Senior Director of Commercial Strategy Ali Duvaras recently sat down to discuss their top tips for getting off our waitlist. 

    Read on for a recap of their conversation, and to glean their advice for crafting a stellar application.

    Tip 1: Be distinctive & let your personality shine

    Avoid clichés and generic expressions like "I love to travel." Instead, dive into the specifics. What makes your travel experiences truly exceptional and exciting? Share anecdotes that showcase your unique perspective on travel, be it an off-the-beaten-path adventure or a culturally immersive excursion that left an indelible mark.

    “We want to understand what's unique about you and what your passions for and interests are within travel,” Ali said.

    Your application is more than just a checklist of qualifications; it's a way to share your unique travel persona. 

    Tip 2: Showcase your planning prowess

    One surefire way to demonstrate your suitability as a travel advisor is to recount a trip you’ve planned for friends or family. This not only highlights your organizational skills, but also gives Fora a glimpse into your ability to curate unforgettable travel experiences. Provide details on destinations, activities and how your planning abilities made the trip seamless and enjoyable.

    Tip 3: Get granular — mention specific hotels and partners

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    When sharing your favorite hotels or resorts, avoid broad strokes like “Four Seasons.” Instead, get specific. Explain why the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, for instance, holds a special place in your heart. Or recount the allure of a boutique hotel tucked away in the streets of Paris (we're currently daydreaming about Château Voltaire). This level of detail not only demonstrates your passion for travel but also showcases your keen attention to the unique qualities of each destination.

    Ready to start your dream job in travel? Apply to become a Fora Advisor today.

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