Fora Releases New Client Management Features, including a Secure Payment Card Collection & Storage Solution

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    NEW YORK — Modern travel agency Fora is launching an all-in-one client management tool that features the Vault, a solution for seamless and secure credit card payment storage for travel advisors. The Vault eliminates what is often the most awkward and outdated part of advisors’ jobs: collecting and storing payment information from clients when it’s time to book. It also serves as the foundation for Fora’s next big step forward with its integrated booking platform designed to transform trip research and booking travel.

    Until now, travel advisors have had to request payment information each time they booked travel and oftentimes resort to DIY storage solutions. With Fora’s client management tool and the Vault, Fora Advisors can now send a secure link to clients via email or even text message. A client uploads their credit card information, and it is automatically and securely stored inside of a client card inside Portal, Fora’s custom-built website for Fora Advisors to do all their work as a travel advisor. 

    “Our goal is to make our advisors' job as seamless as possible,” explained Jake Peters, Fora’s chief technology officer and co-Founder. “The simplistic nature of the solution enables a whole lot of functionality and creates a ton of value for advisors.”

    The Vault is a custom feature within the Fora Advisor Portal that securely consolidates each client’s information into one centralized location. And it’s not just about credit card info. Fora Advisors can create complete client profiles that include essential notes on travel preferences, loyalty program account numbers and special dates like anniversaries and birthdays. The Vault provides a 360-degree view of clients and their travel needs, enabling advisors to enhance the booking process and deliver tailor-made travel experiences. Fora Advisors are also able to see trip booking data and dollar amounts, offering them a holistic view to understand which clients have done the most (or aggregated highest dollar value) bookings with them.  

    Before unleashing any new product or feature into the wild, Fora selects a group of advisors for beta testing, creating a dynamic feedback loop. We have been beta testing the Vault with 127 Fora Advisors for more than a month who have used it to store 542 of cards. Advisors have reported that it is easy to use and helpful with their clients, and their feedback also paved the way for additional features that were built into the client management system. 


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