6 Women-Owned Hotels to Book Now

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a serene bedroom with teal-blue walls and a large window overlooking a lush mountainous landscape

Image courtesy of Palazzo Avino

We celebrate women every month at Fora. But in honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting some of the female hotelières who are making history by bringing their (impeccably tasteful) visions to life. 

The following hotels — all helmed by remarkable women — respect their locales and rich history. They maintain an elegant timeliness imbued with a refreshing modern twist. Everything feels right, and everything — from the wall colors to the antique furnishings to the light fixtures to the cutlery — have been hand selected. In other words, these women get it. When you visit their properties, you’ll see why.

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Grand Hotel Tremezzo & Passalacqua - Lake Como, Italy

two lounge chairs on a terrace overlook a lake on a sunny day

Images courtesy of Grand Hotel Tremezzo & Passalacqua

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a Lake Como icon. And its new sister property, Passalacqua, became one as soon as the formerly private villa opened as a hotel, in 2022. The magic you feel when staying at either gem is courtesy of Valentina De Santis, whose family has preserved a unique sense of Italianness on the storied lake. In a destination where Italian owners have become few and far between, Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Passalacqua are a breath of fresh air. Valentina works with Italian craftspeople to adorn her hotels with hand-crafted beauty. And many of the decor gems have been picked up at global markets and antique shops over the years. The result is an exceptionally chic — and exceptionally Italian — place to stay. 

Fora Perks:

  • $100 hotel / resort credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

Lily of the Valley - St. Tropez, France

a sunny terrace with chic wooden furniture overlooking a body of water

Image courtesy of Lily of the Valley

At Lily of the Valley, in St. Tropez, guests are treated to a new kind of wellness. Lucie Weill, the hotel’s founder and owner, wanted to create a place that wasn't clinical and cold. Instead, taking care of one’s health is fun, nourishing and sustainable. There are several programs to choose from: weight loss, detox, sports and aging. If weight loss is your goal, meals are not devoid of indulgence — or wine. Dine on Provençal stew, foie gras, seasonal salads, poulet rôti and delectable desserts (Lucie loves the vegan chocolate avocado mousse) — all of which are hyper-seasonal and made with local produce, of course. Opt for at least one spa treatment, and don’t miss the facials, which feature products from the clean French beauty line Biologique Recherche.

Fora Perks:

  • $100 hotel / resort credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

Palazzo Avino - Ravello, Italy

aerial view of square wooden tables and chairs on a grassy lawn overlooking the sea

Image courtesy of Palazzo Avino

The ultra-stylish Mariella Avino is behind this Amalfi Coast hotel, also aptly referred to as the Pink Palace (its façade is a lovely blush pink). The decor is soft and feminine — gem tones, smooth lines, playful pops of color, fresh flowers — and there’s always something exciting going on. In 2023, the hotel partnered with Valentino for a beach-club takeover, complete with bright-red umbrellas and perhaps the best party favor ever: a pair of Valentino sunglasses. Savor hand-made meals prepared with the freshest local ingredients while you overlook the coastline (a cooking school is in the works). Relax by the rooftop pool with a glass of Prosecco. Indulge in a massage after enjoying the spa’s sauna and steam bath. Palazzo Avino is the perfect place to experience la dolce vita, and to do so in style. 

Fora Perks:

  • $100 spa credit, complimentary daily spa access, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

The Lowell - New York, New York

tables with white tablecloths in an elegant courtyard with an leafy green tree bearing oranges

Images courtesy of The Lowell

Dina De Luca knows what works. The Lowell, an elegant, sophisticated retreat on New York City’s Upper East Side is timeless and fresh, historic and modern. It preserves Manhattan's historic glamor — it was originally opened in 1927 — with a dose of modern elegance. Dina has achieved this distinctive combination with her keen eye for art and appreciation of beauty. A Cy Twombley painting mingles with 16th-century Italian prints and work from a young New York Academy of Art graduate. (Dina regularly attends auctions to source pieces for the hotel’s impressive art collection, and the art in each room is unique.) Bookshelves display gorgeous collections on topics ranging from fashion to travel to cars, boats and airplanes. It’s playful refinement, steps from Central Park.

Fora Perks:

  • $100 food / beverage credit, breakfast daily, upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

Blue Apple Beach - Cartagena, Colombia

bed against a blue wall with a colorful painting

Image courtesy of Blue Apple Beach

Blue Apple Beach, a sustainable beachfront stay (and certified B-Corp) in the ultra-colorful Cartagena, is the place to go for great vibes, great hospitality and great food. Portia Hart couldn't find a solid beach club in the Colombian town, so she founded one herself. Expect farm-to-table food, warm service (most of the staff are locals), live music and breezy cabañas, each named after a tropical fruit. Here is where you can truly relax and unwind. But on the weekends, don't miss the high-energy DJ sets.

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