Paris in 4 Days

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Paris travel guide.
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I recently went on the trip to Paris, France with this schedule and it has to be hands down one of the best trips I've gone on. You will get romance, history, food, culture and fun all in one. Paris is truly one-of-a-kind and a must visit destination.

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Where to stay

Hotel de Castiglone

Charming Parisian hotel with easy and convenient access to the Paris monuments, entertainment and cultural activities. 

Katelyn Ellis Travel Advisor

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Day 1: Start at the Eiffel Tower & night visit to the Louvre

Paris travel guide.

This will be the day you arrive in Paris. You land, go through customs, grab your bags and head to your hotel. Quick change and you're off to the Eiffel Tower! I would ask your hotel or Siri where there are markets near you. Go to a market, grab cheese, meats, wine, fruit and a baguette of course! Go picnic and relax with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower after jet lag. I would then walk over to the Jardins to the west of the Louvre, they are free admission. After this, there are many shops and restaurants to pop in as you please.

Head to the Louvre no earlier than 7:30 PM; the museum doesn't close until almost 10PM on Fridays! Enter the museum through the second entrance underground called Louvre de Carousel. Grab some dinner at a café and your first day is over!

Day 2: Reims & Musée d'Orsay

Musee D'Orsay, Paris Travel Guide.

After a good night's rest and booking ahead, you will take a bullet train out to Reims in the morning. This is the region where champagne is made and where all of the Champagne Houses are. Purchase a champagne hour tour/tasting. There are many options and you may want to go to multiple! Grab lunch in Reims as well, Anna-S is delicious. Enjoy the scenic ride there and back to the city. Once back in the city, head to Musée d'Orsay for a couple hours of modern art. After the museum, there's time to shop, walk around, see monuments, or have an afternoon cocktail.

Day 3: The best of Paris

Paris travel guide.

This morning was a lazy morning for us where we grabbed coffee and croissants at a near by cafe, you could also check out the infamous Café de Flore. We walked around the Arc de Triomphe and had a reservation for Bustronome for lunch. This is a great two-hour culinary lunch which also takes you around over 15 monuments in the city in a clear bus! This was so fun! You can also see if there's a specific area you want to see more based on the trip and areas you may not! After this, we shopped and strolled the streets of Madeleine. We went to Market by Jean Georges that night.

Day 4: Versailles

Paris travel guide. Versailles.

We traveled out to Versailles and spent majority of the day there. You'll need time to see all of the grounds, the gardens look as if they go for miles. I recommend renting a golf cart so you can see them all. We Ubered out there, only 30 min away and less than a taxi but there's also buses and trains. At night time, we went on Bateaux Mouches, a romantic elegant boat dinner on the Seine River. Food and service are great and you will pass the Eiffel Tower near the end right as it sparkles.

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