Things to Do when Cruising with Celebrity Cruises

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Cruising with Celebrity Cruises
Curator’s statement

Celebrity Cruises are one of the top luxury lines with plenty of available activities for everyone in the family from teens to adults. With a diverse crew and client base, there is something in it for everyone. Celebrity offers a variety of destinations from the Caribbean to Alaska and some more exclusive destinations such as the Galapagos Islands. There are plenty of travel options when it comes to sailing with Celebrity.

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Things to do

Things to do on a cruise.

While the available activities do differ based on the ship you choose, many of these activities are available on all ships.


For the casino lovers, most cruise ships today have a casino— some have two, one being a smoking casino and the other being a nonsmoking casino. (Please inquire for details about the options onboard your ship.) Gaming ranges from slot machines to table games. I always enjoy a good game of blackjack.

Live Music

All ships have various live performances during the cruise, some have live performances at various venues all day every day. I personally recommend the piano bar if you are looking for some fun at night. They always have some of the best tunes.


Cruise ships are best known for the duty-free shopping both onboard the ship and in the ports. Remember that there is a duty-free max that you can bring back into the states depending on port re-entry location.


Looking for ways to relax on your trip? Celebrity makes it easy with plenty of spa services. Plus, many of the ships have spa class rooms that include some extra special services such as unlimited use of the thermal suites (for the edge class ships) and dedicated spa concierges. Additional benefits are available to those who travel in the AquaClass suites including additional discounts on spa services and the option to dine in BLU, their specialty restaurant reserved for spa class guests. I always recommend checking out the spa on port days or embarkation day for the best deals.

Kids Club

Celebrity offers plenty of fun group activities for children of all ages. These clubs are great for kids to make new friends and even better for those who are looking for a special night out or those just looking for a nap. They offer 4 different clubs. Shipmates: Ages 3-5; Cadets: Ages 6-9; Captains: Ages 10-12; and Teens Ages 13-17.

Shore Excursions

While shore excursions vary based on where you are going, there are going to be plenty of activities available for everyone. (A personal favorite of mine is found in St. Thomas, a submarine trip which takes you down to view ship wrecks as well as some of the coral reefs.)


As a traveler who loves food, I highly recommend checking out not just the main dining rooms of these ships, but also the specialty dining. While these do incur an additional charge, they are well worth it. Celebrity also offers a savings package if you plan to go to many different specialty venues, I would recommend this option.

Ports of Call

Of course, the ports of call are the main reason for choosing the cruise. I am of course happy to go over some of the available activities in each of the ports. I do recommend arriving to the departure port 1 day ahead of the trip. I would be happy to go over some of the activities in these ports as well.

Places to eat & drink

Places to eat & drink on a Celebrity Cruise.

Main Dining Room

The Main Dining rooms on these ships are absolutely awesome. They offer a wide variety of dishes and sides each day of the trip. Some of my personal favorites are the Pasta Fettuccini (Don't tell anyone, but I have been known to order that nightly) and beef Wellington. They will also offer vegan and vegetarian options. If you have special needs, please let us know when you book so we can add these requirements at the time of booking.

Tuscan Grill

If you're looking for a true Italian experience, this is the place for you. The homemade pasta dishes are out of this world. They make all the pasta in front of your eyes. Everything is made true to the rustic Italian style and it shows with the depth of the flavors. They also have an extensive wine list, with a sommelier who will be sure to direct you in the right direction.


An outstanding French inspired restaurant, they offer upscale French cuisine in a modern, refined atmosphere. This restaurant is not just known for their awesome dishes, but also their awesome cocktails.

The Mast Grill

This restaurant is a true family establishment and is included in the cruise fair. They are generally found close to the pools on the upper decks of the ship and for this are usually a very busy stop. But it is well worth the wait. Their food includes burgers, fries and other hearty fare.

Ocean View Cafe

Of course, no trip would be complete without a trip to the buffet. The Ocean View Cafe is no slouch when it comes to the many options. They have globally inspired dishes ranging from the basic pizza to Asian stir fry stations (recommended) where you choose your ingredients and they are then turned into a delicious plate for you.

Cafe Al Bacio

Looking for your morning coffee? Then you are going to have check out this cafe! It has freshly ground Lavazza-branded espresso, lattes and cappuccinos. But my personal favorite is of course is the affogato, which is gelato witheEspresso. Try this with the vanilla bean or the dark chocolate. It's awesome!

The Sunset Bar

Yes, there are tons of bars on board that we could go over, but when you're a photographer like me, the sunset bar is the place to be at sunset. Here, not only do they have some great margaritas but being on the aft, or back of the ship, they also have the best view of the sunsets. Make sure you check this out at least once.

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