Things To Do in London for 3 Days

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Advisor - Katie Hahn
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London bridge and Big Ben in sight.
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London is what I like to call the easy stepping stone into Europe (if you're American traveling abroad for the first time.) While the national language is English, therefore easy to digest, communicate and get around the city, London itself is a mecca for culture which might surprise some people. As one of the oldest and richest cities of history in the world, it is very easy to jam pack your days here full of exciting and enriching activities.

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Day 1: Explore the Grounds

An aerial view of London.

The best time to arrive in London is mid-morning after taking an overnight flight from the States. You can either take the Underground (the public transit subway system,) a taxi/Uber or book a scheduled driver to take you directly from Heathrow into the city where you're staying. I recommend staying in the neighborhoods of Soho, Kensington, Mayfair or Covent Garden.

They are the most centrally located with loads to do that won't require a lot of travel time in between locations. You'll want to go directly to your hotel and check-in. While it might be too early to gain access to your room (unless you work with me as your Fora Travel Advisor,) the front desk hotel staff is usually very accommodating to keep your bags in safe keeping until later. By now, it will be about mid-day and lunch will be on the mind. Any local pub on the street corner that has fish and chips on their menu, stop in and order it. It's the most quintessential way to kick off your London adventure. And maybe grab a pint while you're at it. If you're staying in Soho, I recommend Hobson's Fish & Chips. After you've gotten the initial taste of London, and if it's a nice day, take a stroll down The Mall as you take in the grandeur stature of Buckingham Palace.

While you've missed the changing of the guard's ceremony at this point, don't worry, it happens every day at 10:45 am and if you want to see this at any point during your trip, be sure to arrive early to get a good view, closer to the palace. It is quite a processional. Carry on your sightseeing journey while continuing to wander over to Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and St. Paul's Cathedral. These are all staples of London that will give you a great starting point of the rich history of the city. If the weather continues to keep up, feel free to walk back to your hotel to prep yourself for dinner, or I always suggest taking the Underground. (Pro Tip: Avoid the black taxis. While they look cool, they are quite more expensive.)

For dinner, I suggest having pre-booked a reservation at Dishoom (any of their locations are great but the one on Carnaby is iconic.) It is a very hip and well-known Indian restaurant around the city (there's 9 locations as of June 2023) and everything on their menu is phenomenal. Plus, their cocktails are also very tasty. Depending on your mood, energy level and what day of the week it is, feel free to explore the nightlife streets of London! There is typically always something going on or a pub that you can wander in to on your stroll home.

Day 2: The London Eye

A large carousel against the skyline of London.

Wake up and have a lovely breakfast at The Riding House Cafe (Location: Edge of Soho. What to order: Malted Deep Dish Pancakes are unique and to die for.) before making your way over to the Museum of Natural History (psst: this is where the real Rosetta Stone is kept.) This museum is huge and will take you at least a few hours to wonder through it. Feel free to make your way over to the Mayfair district for some higher end shopping. If not to purchase, at least enjoy all the beautifully crafted and decorated window displays.

You can't miss out on afternoon tea at The Wolseley (Mayfair.) It begins at 3 pm during the week and 3:30 pm on weekends. Hop on the train and head over to the London Eye to catch a relaxing ride as you take in the sunset over the city. It can sometimes be very crowded so be prepared to wait in line. A great place to have dinner tonight is Sticks N Sushi.

Day 3: Leicester Square

The London bridge.

Enjoy a cup of coffee as you walk riverside the Thames. I personally love doing this in the morning as a tourist because you get a true sense for the city's heartbeat. Take yourself on over to Leicester Square. There is usually something always going on here or you can just enjoy the weather and people watch. If you have kids, or are a big kid yourself, don't miss out on visiting the Harry Potter experience at Warner Bros. Studios.

You haven't visited London without seeing platform 9 3/4! Or if you would rather experience a football (soccer) game, there a few clubs around the city that would offer a thrilling sports experience. Be sure to be back in the city for evening drinks at The Rooftop while taking in the views of Trafalgar Square. Then you can head to dinner at Novikov which offers two different sides in one restaurant, one side offers an Asian menu while the other offers Italian. You will not be disappointed with either one. Since it is your last night, it's only fair that you hit a few pubs or bars before calling it a wrap on your visit to London.

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Advisor - Katie Hahn

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