Must-See Medieval Cities & Castles in Bavaria, Germany

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Advisor - Scott Ritter
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Curator’s statement

The splendor of Germany's varied scenery, marvelous castles, stunning churches, idyllic villages — combined with modern social efficiency in our ever-changing world — took my breath away.  Germany is a place that should be on any travelers list of "must-see" destinations!

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Where to stay across Bavaria

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Things to do across Bavaria

Castle surrounded by trees

Castles, castles, castles

Germany is full of castles and finding information and directions is quite easy.  Road signage is prevalent near most castles and makes for easy parking and viewing options.  Truly, no matter where you are in Germany, you will find castles! Of course I have a few opinions based on what I have seen. 

1. Nueschwanstein Castle in southern Bavaria is the "fairy tale" castle.  It is located in the Alpine foothills that offer breathtaking views and amazing photo opportunities!

2. Heidelberg Palace. This is a 16th century ruined castle located in Heidelberg, about 90km south of Frankfurt. The castle ruins are among the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps. Amazing setting too!

3. Nuremberg Castle: Located in the "Old Town" of Nuremberg, it dates back to 1050. There is a lot to see in this castle, towers, chapel and Deep Well. Definitely a must-see! 

City Centers

Germany is filled with historic, charming, tourist-friendly cities with old cobbled squares. The unique history and vibrant traditions present in these towns make for great walking, eating and opportunities to indulge in the local culture. Among my favorite locations are:

Bamburg, Augsburg, Wurzburg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Insider Tip: When traveling to cities, search for "city center" as these locations often provide the cultural and historic hubs of the location. 

The Scenery

Whether you are exploring cities, castles, churches, museums, or idyllic villages, the scenery of Germany is dynamic and varied. It is filled with rolling hills, flowered meadows, mighty rivers and even jagged Alps.

Day Trips

Germany is an amazing place to visit and seems to be greatly underrated. It is affordable and offers so many places to see in relatively close locations.

Places to eat & drink across Bavaria

Schnitzel on a white plate with potatoes

Traditional German food tends to be hearty and rich and include meats, potatoes and breads. Often the portions are drenched in rich, creamy sauces and often come with buttery rolls and a full glass of beer! Schnitzel, Bratwurst and sausage are popular dishes that are prevalent nearly everywhere in Germany!  

Breakfast in Germany usually provides various breads and pastries with any kind of jam, nougart cream or marmalade.  Enjoy a strudel, pastry or bread at the famous bakeries. There are bakeries throughout each city. 

My favorite Bakeries in Germany

Kohlers Vollkornbackerei: Great location along the river with some of the best strudel in Bavaria!  

Zeit Fur Brot (Frankfurt): This spot is near the Opera House, in the pedestrian-friendly city center, and serves the best cinnamon rolls in town. 

Where to Grab a Beer, Wine and Meal in Germany

Hofbrauhaus Munchen. This is a state-owned beer hall in the heart of Old Town Munich. Great location, traditional German food and of course bier

Eckerts Wirtshaus: This is a Franconian restaurant with a riverfront terrace that has amazing views. They serve all meals, plus beer and wine. Bamberg is a very underrated destination and one worth experiencing.

Restauration Kopernikus Restaurant and Biergarten in Nurnberg, Germany: This is an old-fashion restaurant with great views of the river and classic food. The location is perfect for exploring the best sites in Nurnberg.  

Insider tip: You can easily visit the Bratwurst Museum in Nuremberg, as it is only a short walk away!  

Ratskeller Augsburg: This is another place that has a great location! It serves German cuisine and drinks. The outdoor seating provides amazing views of Augsburg's pedestrian-friendly city center. One of the most beautiful sites in Bavaria!

Hausbrauerei im Domhof GmbH & Co. KG in Speyer, Germany: Another restaurant with a great location. It is located just in front of the Speyer Cathedral. The 11th Century Romanesque Cathedral is the largest in the world. The brewery serves German cuisine and "really good" bier!  Its location is perfect for exploring one of Germany's oldest cities. It makes for a great day trip from Heidelberg.

Advisor - Scott Ritter

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