A Guide to Group Walking Tours in Washington, D.C.: Explore the Capital's Landmarks

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A picture of Washington Monument taken during the sunrise
Curator’s statement

Taking a walking tour in Washington, D.C. offers an immersive way to experience the rich tapestry of American history and culture up close, from iconic monuments to hidden gems. It allows visitors to connect more personally with the city's unique stories and landmarks, enhancing understanding and appreciation of the nation's capital. These tours, led by knowledgeable guides, provide a special blend of education, exploration, and personal interaction, making the experience of D.C. not just a visit, but a memorable journey through the heart of American history.

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Where to stay in Washington, DC

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Things to do in Washington, DC


Taking a group tour in Washington, D.C. is a fantastic way to share the experience with fellow travelers, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie as you collectively discover the city's historical and cultural treasures.


Gastronomic Georgetown Food Tour

Indulge in a culinary and historical journey through Georgetown, a neighborhood older than Washington, D.C. itself, where you'll learn about its 250-year transformation from a working-class port to a fashionable college area and enjoy diverse food tastings from tacos to Korean tapas to French cuisine with wine, all included in the tour.

Washington, D.C. Walking Food Tour with Secret Food Tours

Join the Secret Food Tour: Washington, D.C. in Georgetown, where you'll enjoy curated culinary delights from top restaurants, visit landmarks like Washington Harbour and the 'Exorcist' steps, admire the Francis Scott Key Bridge, and explore canal parks, all while savoring delicious bites.


Arlington National Cemetery Walking Tour & Changing of the Guards

Experience the poignant Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns with a guided walking tour of Arlington National Cemetery, including visits to significant gravesites and memorials like John F. Kennedy's and the USS Maine, while uncovering the cemetery's rich history.

Capitol Hill Small Group Walking Tour

Explore key sites in the U.S. capital, such as the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, the Thomas Jefferson library, the Museum of the Supreme Court, and possibly tour the Capitol's interior where America's political decisions are made.

Small-Group Guided Tour inside U.S. Capitol & Library of Congress

Join a small-group tour to the core of America's Legislative and Judicial branches, with guided visits inside the U.S. Capitol and Library of Congress, featuring reserved-entry and an expert guide to illuminate the intriguing politics and history of Capitol Hill.

Lincoln's Assassination Walking Tour

Embark on a tour that unfolds the dramatic story of President Lincoln's assassination, featuring visits to Lafayette Square Park, St. John's Church, and Ford's Theater, enriched with historical photographs and captivating anecdotes of intrigue, mystery, and betrayal.


Ghosts of Georgetown Walking Tour

Experience the Ghosts of Georgetown Walking Tour, where you'll delve into the neighborhood's forgotten past and uncover the tales of ghosts and spirits that continue to haunt its historic streets, gardens, and Victorian row houses.

D.C. Ghost Walking Tour

Embark on a ghost tour in the White House area, visiting eight haunted locations including the Treasury Annex, where you'll uncover the eerie ghosts of D.C. at night and delve into the city's shocking historical past.

Washington's Memorials by Moonlight Walking Tour

Experience the Washington Memorials by Moonlight Walking Tour, where you'll explore renowned memorials like the WWII, MLK, Jefferson, and Lincoln Memorials under the enchanting glow of moonlight, revealing a captivating perspective of these iconic sites.

Day Trips:

Baltimore, M.D. is an easy day trip from D.C. - in fact, when visiting, you might even fly into the Baltimore airport and take a train to the capital city. Here are a couple walking tours in Baltimore to fill in your epic itinerary.


Fells Point Food Tour in Baltimore

This tour in Baltimore's Fell's Point neighborhood offers newcomers an insider's culinary journey through the historic district, visiting family-run restaurants to savor specially crafted dishes while gaining insights into the area's history and culture.

The Original Fells Point Ghost Walk

Explore the eerie side of Baltimore's Fells Point neighborhood on a one hour walking tour filled with ghost stories and historic commentary, offering a unique perspective on the area's haunted landmarks and grisly past.

Places to eat & drink in Washington, DC


Discover the vibrant culinary scene of Washington, D.C. with our curated list of ten family-friendly restaurants that cater to both your taste buds and your budget. From iconic chili dogs to mouthwatering burgers and customizable pizzas, these eateries offer a diverse range of delicious options in a welcoming atmosphere, making them ideal choices for families looking to enjoy a meal together in the nation's capital or tour groups ready to rest their feet after walking all day.

Ben's Chili Bowl

A D.C. institution known for its classic chili dogs and half-smokes, perfect for a quick and affordable meal.

Good Stuff Eatery

A family-friendly burger joint with a variety of delicious burgers, shakes, and hand-cut fries.


Create your own customized pizzas with fresh ingredients in a fast-casual setting, great for families.

Founding Farmers

A farm-to-table restaurant offering American comfort food in a welcoming atmosphere, suitable for families and groups.


Known for its wood-fired pizzas and sliders, Matchbox is a popular choice for families seeking diverse menu options.

Le Diplomate

A charming French brasserie with a kids' menu, offering classic French dishes and a lively ambiance.

Comet Ping Pong

A family-friendly pizzeria with a twist—enjoy delicious pizzas while playing ping pong.

District Taco

A Mexican eatery serving affordable and flavorful tacos, burritos, and bowls that the whole family can enjoy.

Wiseguy Pizza

Grab a slice or a whole pie at this New York-style pizzeria, a hit among families looking for authentic pizza.


A health-conscious choice offering customizable salads and bowls with fresh ingredients, ideal for families seeking lighter fare.

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