Your Complete Guide for a Couple Days in Todos Santos

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A cliffside view of the Sea of Cortes.
Curator’s statement

Todos Santos is the hidden gem of Baja California Sur, however, it's slowly becoming more and more popular. It's a smaller, quieter, surf town vibe compared to it's neighboring Los Cabos with some of the best food and arts culture. It's a great place to add on a few days to your Los Cabos trip if you want a slower pace and a slight change of scenery.

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Where to stay in Todos Santos

Paradero Todos Santos

A high-style, inland enclave of just 36 suites, designed to share an authentic side of Baja.

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Hotel San Cristóbal

This end-of-a-dirt-road hotel blends cool, colorful interiors with a thoughtful sense of place and epicly fresh cuisine.

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  • $100 hotel / resort credit.

  • Breakfast daily.

Villa Santa Cruz

Hacienda-style hotel in Todos Santos with luxuriously expansive suites and a lush tropical garden area.

Advisor - Shelby Escaba

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Things to do in Todos Santos

Beach and sea with mountains at a distance.


There are a bunch of public beaches that you can go to, or your hotel will direct you too if it's not beachfront (i.e. Paradero.) I usually hang at the beach outside The Green Room/Villa Santa Cruz. If you're lucky and in Todos from Jan - April, you'll get to see some whales

Walk Around Town

There are so many cute shops and art galleries around downtown Todos Santos! I personally love Saguaro, Nomad Chic and Kere.

Hike Punta Lobos

This is a beautiful hike right next to Hotel San Cristobal. If I'm being honest, I've never done the full hike, as we usually turn around at the top (roundtrip of about 45min/1hour.) So I am not sure how long the full hike would be, but I'd add on another 45 minutes. It's absolutely beautiful from the top, but try to go in the morning before it gets too hot.

Rent ATVs or UTVs

Omega Tours is a great company that I have personally used, but there are a bunch in the area that are all reliable. I prefer UTVs over ATVs as I feel a bit safer and you can go faster, but totally up to you! It's a great way to see more of the area.

Dog Rescue

As a dog lover I would be remiss if I didn't mention Cerritos Beach Dogs. It's a cute little coffee shop/dog rescue on the way to Cerritos Beach! If you want to play with some pups and help support the rescue be sure to swing by.

Places to eat & drink in Todos Santos

Fish tacos on the beach.

Green Room - This is one of my top spots in all of Baja! I make the 1ish-hour trek just to spend the day at this amazing restaurant that is literally right on the beach. I usually come around 1:30pm and hang at the beach until sunset, but if you don't want to spend the day here, then make sure you make it over sunset. The food is one-of-a-kind. It has a more casual vibe, so you don't need to dress up super nice, but you can if you want. Please if you come here, the two things you MUST get are 1. Sashimi Califia and 2. Monuments Tostata — you will not be disappointed!

Jazamango - This is one of the nicer spots in Todos Santos for dinner. The chef, Javier Plascencia, is born and raised in Baja and has a handful of really great restaurants (check out Puerto Raiz if you're in San Jose.) It's definitely on the pricier side, but Jazamango offers an amazing culinary experience with it's farm to table atmosphere and unbelievably fresh food! Also, there is a Jazamango café in downtown Todos that is more casual and great for breakfast/lunch.

DUM - Dum is definitely not as well-known as the two listed above, but it offers a unique/jungle dining experience. The chef is from France, so there is a hint of French inspiration blended with Baja and Mediterranean flavors. It's delicious!

Oystera -The vibe/atmosphere of this place is so cute. Plus their food is delicious. They are, of course, known for their oysters and really all their seafood, but everything, including their drinks are so tasty. It's a great place to pop into after you've done some shopping/walking around downtown Todos.

Agricole - Agricole Cooperative is like the Erewhon of Baja. It has an upscale organic market, as well as a restaurant in their field. However, the one thing you must absolutely get from here is their fresas con crema — it is my favorite dessert! You can't miss them in all the fridges spread throughout the market. Don't get the small size — you'll want more!

Doce Cuarenta -The original shop is in La Paz, but this is a great hipstery coffee shop and wine bar. Baja Beans is another great coffee shop option that the locals love.

Advisor - Shelby Escaba

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